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'The Walking Dead': Robert Kirkman talks about last night's fatalities-filled season finale

Who will live and who will die? That was the question on the lips of fans before last night’s episode of the Walking Dead. Of course, given the nature of AMC’s undead saga, that tends to be the question on the lips of fans before every episode. But this week the query had a particular urgency given the (correct) assumption that the season finale would finally feature the showdown between the Rick-lead prison-ites and the Governor-ruled Woodburians.


'The Walking Dead': 'The Governor is still out there. The war is not over.' -- Exclusive season 4 preview video!

The Walking Dead finished season 3 with a lot of people dying and relocating. But what does it mean for what happens next in season 4? Well, we have the first bits of intel for you right here and right now! In the exclusive season 4 preview video below, the cast and producers shed some light on what to expect when the hit zombie drama returns in October. READ FULL STORY

The Governor will be back as a series regular in 'The Walking Dead'

No one is really safe on The Walking Dead, but going into last night’s season finale, fans of the show were especially focused on the final fate of The Governor. Introduced this season as a very explicit Big Bad, the Governor had spent the last several episodes plotting all-out warfare with the Prison-dwelling Grimes Gang. Would the show kill off the Governor after one memorable season, a tactic known to TV fans as “Pulling a Trinity“? Or would they keep the Governor alive, in a slightly less bold strategy referred to as “Pulling a Sylar“? READ FULL STORY

Ratings prediction: 'Walking Dead' finale vs. 'Game of Thrones' premiere


There is a crazy night of epic TV coming your way: The wildly anticipated Walking Dead finale on AMC vs. the wildly anticipated Game of Thrones premiere on HBO vs. the not-wildly-anticipated-yet-surprisingly-popular The Bible finale on History.

It’s zombies vs. dragons vs. crucifixion!

Now I’m not a fan of making ratings predictions. Because I’m not a fan of being wrong. And my last prediction, for the American Idol season 12 premiere, was spot-on. So why mess with that? I guess I’m messing with that because tonight’s TV lineup is the stuff that trips to Best Buy for a new TV are made of. All three of these shows have become pop culture phenomenons in their own way and now have major episodes this evening. In fact, this is the first time that Walking Dead and Thrones — two geek titans — have ever gone head-to-head. Plus it’s Easter Sunday, a holiday where TV ratings tend to go down, and that messes with everything — but it might spike The Bible. So making predictions is like playing chess while kite-boarding. Here are mine: READ FULL STORY

InsideTV Podcast: Who is most likely to die on Sunday's 'Walking Dead' finale? Plus: We talk 'Spartacus' and 'Survivor'

Lori. T-Dog. Oscar. Axel. Merle. Lots of other people like Ben that we didn’t really care about. All of them bit the dust during season 3 of The Walking Dead. But there is one episode left, and with a big battle looming between Rick and The Governor, it seems a pretty safe bet that not everyone will be safe when all is said and done. On the latest edition of the InsideTV Podcast, Darren Franich and I place odds on who  might die on Sunday’s season finale. Will it be a member of the Greene family (specifically Hershel or Beth)? How about Andrea? Or —horror of all horrors — could it be little Judith Grimes? We talk about who is most likely to go…besides Martinez, of course, who we already have pegged as a goner. Sorry, dude.

The other big question surrounding the finale is whether the Governor will make it out alive. We offer our theories on what will happen to the eye-patch wearing baddie, and also offer up odds on who might be the one to kill him if he does, in fact, die. (Keep your eyes on Milton and Tyrese, people!) Listen in and see if you agree with our theories by clicking on the audio player icon below. READ FULL STORY

'Walking Dead': Michael Rooker talks about the demise of Merle Dixon and life as zombie Merle

The most shocking thing about Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead was not that Merle Dixon died, but that we actually felt kinda sorry for him when he did. Not only was Merle killed by the Governor in a last heroic act of redemption, but he then came back as a zombie and had to be killed again by his on-screen brother Daryl in a truly heartbreaking scene. However, the man who plays Merle, Michael Rooker, insists that was not the most powerful scene of his final episode. I spoke with Rooker, who talks about the scene with Norman Reedus that he is most proud of, his unique (and very Rooker-esque) reaction upon learning his character was going to die, and his thoughts on playing zombie Merle.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Tell me how you first learned the news of Merle’s demise. Did showrunner Glen Mazzara call you up and break it to you?
MICHAEL ROOKER: Yeah, it was a phone call. But we were in the middle of switching episodes so I ended up having about two weeks notice as opposed to a week notice. I’ve heard some people get less than that, so I considered myself quite fortunate.

EW: What was your reaction when you got the news?
ROOKER: You really want to know my real reaction?

EW: Give it to me.
ROOKER: My honest to God true reaction was THANK F—ING GOD I DON’T HAVE TO WEAR THAT STUPID F—ING ARM ANY MORE! THERE! PRINT THAT S—! Oh my God, I was so tired of wearing that thing. I was like, oh, God, not another season of wearing this thing. I’m going to go crazy! READ FULL STORY

'The Walking Dead': Exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from the season finale

Sunday night will bring the season 3 finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead, and just in case you were not already pumped enough, we’ve got a few exclusive behind the scenes images from the episode to whet your appetite…FOR BLOOD! Sorry, got a bit carried away there. In any event, feel free to feast on this. (Click through all three pages to see all the images.) READ FULL STORY

'The Walking Dead': Norman Reedus breaks down that last heartbreaking scene between Daryl and Merle Dixon

Last Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead featured one of the show’s most heartbreaking scenes ever as Daryl Dixon found the brother he had finally been reunited with — Merle — hunched over and eating human flesh as a zombie. Not only did Daryl find his big brother dead (or undead, as it were) but he then had to rekill him to put him out of his zombie misery. Now, the man who plays Daryl, Norman Reedus, reveals how he used the loss of his father to prep for the scene, what it all means for the future of his character, and how the cast said goodbye to the man behind Merle, Michael Rooker. He also says to get ready for one insane season finale on Sunday night.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Tell me your reaction when you first read the episode or heard what was going down?
NORMAN REEDUS: I was bummed to see Rooker go. He’s such a strong character and such a good actor. He brought so much to the show so I was bummed to see him leave. I would have liked to have explored that relationship a bit more. And he’s always fun to play scenes with so I was bummed about that. I’m bummed every time someone leaves the show, to be honest. READ FULL STORY

Norman Reedus talks about all the showrunner upheaval on 'The Walking Dead'

Image Credit: Blake Tyers/AMC

Image Credit: Blake Tyers/AMC

Usually when a TV program changes showrunners it is a sign of struggling show making a last ditch effort to gain traction and ratings. Which is what makes the case of The Walking Dead so curious. The show smashed ratings in its first season, and then AMC dismissed the man who smashed those ratings, Frank Darabont. The network promoted Darabont’s number two, Glen Mazzara, to the top spot for the back end of season 2. Mazzara was credited with getting the zombie drama back on track — after what some saw as a creative rut at the start of season 2 — and the ratings and reviews have only improved during his stint at the top spot. However, it was announced at the end of 2012 that Mazzara too would be leaving the show at the end of season 3 due to creative differences. Exec-producer Scott Gimple will become the new showrunner for season 4, which begins filming on May 6.

How has all this change at the top among the key players in Los Angeles impacted the actors working on set down in Atlanta? I asked Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon, that very question. “I remember with Frank we were like, ‘What?’” says Reedus. “That was the first big hit because Frank brought us there. So that was a big deal, but Glenn was Frank’s No. 2 so we didn’t see a new person. Then Scott is Glenn’s No. 2 so we’re not seeing any new stuff. It’s interesting because it brings the cast together — like this is ours and we’re going to fight for it.” READ FULL STORY

'The Walking Dead': Sneak peek at Sunday's episode features Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln and zombies! -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

The penultimate episode of season 3 of The Walking Dead will be hitting TV screens on Sunday night. But you don’t have to wait until then to get a sneak peek at some of the action. Here are a few exclusive images from the episode, titled “The Sorrowful Life.” (Click through all three pages to see all the images.) READ FULL STORY

'Walking Dead' Q&A: Robert Kirkman talks the Governor, Andrea, and THAT shocking climax

Tonight’s episode of AMC‘s zombie saga the Walking Dead was a great one for fans who love Andrea — and arguably an even better one for those who don’t. Beware of SPOILERS.


'Walking Dead' exec producer Robert Kirkman talks about tonight's show, 'Arrow on the Doorpost'

We always knew that when Rick Grimes and the Governor finally met the result would be war. But who could have imagined it would be a war of words?


'The Walking Dead': Robert Kirkman previews rest of season 3; says 'there may be a casualty or more'

Image Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Image Credit: Gene Page/AMC

With just four more episodes of season 3 of The Walking Dead to go, this would officially qualify as the homestretch. So what should we expect to see as we head toward the inevitable confrontation between Rick and The Governor? Is Rick sane again? Has Michonne proved her mettle? And should we assume that not everyone will make it out of the season alive? We spoke with exec producer Robert Kirkman, who offered up some cryptic clues and teases for what lies ahead. (Click through both pages to read the complete Q&A.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Is Rick past his hallucinations now? Did that encounter with Morgan refocus him? Where’s his head at as we get closer to the big showdown?
ROBERT KIRKMAN: He has started to get a handle on it to a certain extent and a big thing that helped him with that was his interaction with Morgan in this last episode. He sees this fun house there, who he could eventually be if he keeps going down this path. I think that’s going to help rein him in a great deal and set him on the path to healing. Now, he could have a relapse, but I think right now he is getting a handle on what is going on within him. READ FULL STORY


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