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'The Big Bang Theory': Howard and Bernadette spaaaaace! -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

In the season 5 finale of The Big Bang Theory, Howard (Simon Helberg) blasted off to the International Space Station after his rooftop wedding to Bernadette (Melissa Rauch). When the show picks up at the start of season 6 (airing Thurs., Sept. 27 on CBS), Howard’s still floating up in the great beyond — but that doesn’t mean he’s out of reach of his newly betrothed. In this exclusive clip from the season premiere, Howard video chats with Bernadette, and while she’s happy to see her husband, her immediate concerns are much more, shall we say, earthbound. Check out the clip below:  READ FULL STORY

'Smash' scoop: Katharine McPhee talks NBC's new musical drama and life after 'Idol' -- 'Certain casting people didn’t wanna see me'

Will Hart/NBC

By now you’ve probably seen either a commerical or a billboard for NBC’s highly anticipated (and hugely publicized) new musical drama Smash, which premieres on the network Feb. 6 at 10pm. Former American Idol contestant Katharine McPhee stars as struggling actress Karen Carpenter, competing for the leading role in a new musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe. It’s an incredibly ambitious series (hatched by an idea from none other than Steven Spielberg) that mixes backstage drama with elaborate musical numbers. And McPhee has already drawn buzz for this star-making role. “I think that’s a nice way of looking at it,” says the actress of this being Katharine McPhee 2.0. “I was really surprised in the trailers when they said, ‘And introducing…Katharine McPhee.’ But it is a new introduction because people don’t know me as an actress.” EW chatted with McPhee on the Smash set and talked about meeting Spielberg for the first time and her fight to get roles after American Idol.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So I heard you actually met Steven Spielberg after Idol?
KATHARINE MCPHEE: Yeah I did. He brought me in. It was the most bizarre thing. I  remember just being obviously elated about meeting him. It was just a general meeting. They said just go to his offices at Dreamworks at Universal Studios. He had me in his office and I met Stacey Snider. They were just the most lovely, sweet people. I was just so excited. He was asking me questions about what I wanted to do and my aspirations. I told him I wanted to act and I had been acting and before Idol that was sort of my dream. READ FULL STORY

'American Horror Story': Ryan Murphy talks the Halloween episode and the tragic death of [SPOILER] -- EXCLUSIVE


The first half of American Horror Story‘s Halloween episodes, discussed in EW’s cover story on the FX hit, aired this evening and jolted viewers wtih the shocking death of Adelaide (Jamie Brewer). Struck by a car while trick or treating as a “pretty girl,” Adelaide died despite her mother Contance (Jessica Lange) attempting to carry her body onto the Harmon property. The night also saw the debut of former owners Chad (Zachary Quinto) and Patrick (Teddy Sears), as well as more insight into what the origins of “the infantata.” EW talked to co-creator Ryan Murphy about all of the night’s developments.  READ FULL STORY

'American Horror Story': Zachary Quinto and Rubber Man in a clip from next week's episode -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

This week’s EW cover story on FX’s American Horror Story discusses next week’s wild Halloween two-part episode, which features the first appearance by Heroes‘ star Zachary Quinto as Chad and Torchwood‘s Teddy Sears as Patrick, the gay couple who previously owned the Harmon’s house. The pair reappear as ghosts and pretend to be “fluffers,” experts in how to make homes more attractive for sale. Well, now EW brings you this exclusive look at the duo who have a fairly tense encounter with Ben (Dylan McDermott) and Vivien (Connie Britton) on Halloween night. Also, keep your eyes peeled from EW cover boy Rubber Man who pops up in a quick cameo. Watch below, but warning: There’s a NSFW word, and a couple big SPOILERS, too:   READ FULL STORY

David Caruso on EW's 'NYPD Blue' reunion: 'I wish we could go out and do some episodes'

It’s not every day that you see Dennis Franz, David Caruso, Jimmy Smits, and Ricky Schroder walk the same street. Come to think of it, the four stars from ABC’s police drama NYPD Blue had never done it before Sept. 21, 2011, when they gathered at Raleigh Studios Manhattan Beach (Calif.) for EW’s Reunions Issue photo shoot. The vibe was warm, chummy, and a bit emotional as Franz and three of his onscreen detective partners (unfortunately, the fourth, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, was filming out of town) swapped well wishes and staked out Memory Lane.

Caruso, Smits, and Schroder hadn’t spent much time with each other, as Schroder’s Danny Sorenson replaced Smits’ Bobby Simone, who had replaced Caruso’s John Kelly. Franz — who claimed four Emmys for his portrayal of tough-nosed Andy Sipowicz (and who still wears a ring that’s a replica of his badge) — worked with each of the three while staying on the show for its entire 12-season run. “Dennis was the hub from which all the other spokes moved,” praised Schroder. “He’s the godfather.” Franz, who hadn’t actually seen Caruso in person since the latter’s infamous departure from the series only four episodes into season 2, gave his original partner a hearty hug and opened with a joke: “We gotta get together and take a picture every 17 years!” Caruso was clearly moved by the rare opportunity. “Wow. You could feel the power of it,” he marveled afterward. “It just felt so right to be with them, too… Man, I wish we could go out and do some episodes with those four guys!”  Smits chuckled and savored that possibility. “There could be some serious fireworks happening there. Definitely.”

For more with the four lawmen from NYPD Blue — and to see what happened when we reunited the casts of Princess Bride, Fatal AttractionAliens, and Home Improvement among others —  pick up this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands now.

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'True Blood': Rutina Wesley talks last night's shocking finale and the future of Tara

True Blood fans are still reeling from last night’s epic and bloody season finale. SPOILER ALERT! We saw the returns of Grands (Lois Smith) and Rene (Michael Raymond-James), as well as possibly the resurrection of Russell (Denis O’Hare). But the most disturbing twists were Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) stabbing Jesus (Kevin Alejandro), and Tara (Rutina Wesley) getting shot in the head by Debbie Pelt (Britt Morgan). EW talked to Wesley about the finale and whether or not Tara survived the gunshot wound.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What did you think when you read the season finale script?
RUTINA WESLEY: Well I mean, I knew ahead of time that it was coming. It’s always a scary place as an actor to go there. READ FULL STORY

Jared Padalecki talks 'Supernatural' season 7 and how Friday rivals 'Fringe' and 'Grimm' can 'bring it.'

The Winchester brothers are in familiar territory when season 7 of Supernatural begins — and by that I mean they find themselves in a world of trouble. But come hell, highwater, or Jefferson Starships, they always find a way out…right? Well, EW hopped on the phone with star Jared Padalecki to ask exactly that for our Fall TV Preview issue, out now.

In our chat, he previews the boys’ big battle against an “absolute power,” Sam’s struggles, the upcoming lighthearted moments, and, addresses a question that seems to plague fans’ minds at the beginning of every season (even though we all usually hate to admit it).

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So, Sam and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are kind of up a creek this season.
JARED PADALECKI: They are. We’ve done so very much on this show and put Sam and Dean in so many strange positions, and now here we are in season 7 and we’re going, “Well, what can possibly happen to them now.” But what’s been wonderful and a real blessing from the character’s perspective over the last few years is that we’ve accumulated these friends and this angel who can get us out of tight spots and all these little home bases that have really been a boon for our hunting business, so to speak. And now we’re gradually losing touch with all of these. Hunters are being killed off, we lost this angel on our shoulders. So now we see the boys in a position that they’ve been in before, but usually they’ve had more artillery at their disposal.  READ FULL STORY

'Glee' scoop: Chris Colfer talks intense new season (It's already landed him in the hospital!)

Danielle Levitt/Fox

It’s been a crazy summer for the cast and crew of Glee between the tour, 3-D movie, and rumors of various actors leaving the show. Now, production is back in full swing for Glee‘s third season and star Chris Colfer, who plays fan favorite Kurt Hummel, says that the bar for the production numbers is so high that he’s actually had to seek some medical attention. “Already tomorrow, I’m doing a number that literally may put me in the hospital,” says Colfer. “Get this, I had my fifth visit straight from set to hospital the other day. The fifth time where I had to leave set and go to the hospital.” But the actor does admit that it’s partially his own fault — he went too far with his performance. Says Colfer, “Last week, we were filming a number where the glee kids try to recruit new members for their club. So we performed a number for the student body. Me with the bright ideas, always trying to make Kurt go the extra mile, I started exotic dancing on a table and hurt my foot.” EW talked with the Emmy-nominated actor about season 3, what’s in store for Kurt and Blaine, and if he would participate in the much-rumored Glee spin-off.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So what can you say about Kurt this season? Can you tease a little?
CHRIS COLFER: Well he hasn’t really been teased too much so far. He’s still dealing the same issues he always is, the gay kids are constantly facing in high school. Those are still with him. READ FULL STORY

'Pan Am': On the set of this fall's most ambitious drama

Remember when air travel was glamorous?

No? Then take a visit to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, home to ABC’s Pan Am, a drama about the sexy stewardesses and pilots crisscrossing the globe on the once-luxurious airline. The biggest star of the series — in all senses — is the life-size re-creation of a Pan Am 707 jet, housed in a hangar near the Brooklyn waterfront.

On this muggy August day, a string of extras in skinny ties and horn-rimmed glasses are lining up, ready to portray journalists en route to President Kennedy’s 1963 “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech in Germany. Serving them on today’s flight: star Christina Ricci, who plays Maggie, a Greenwich Village bohemian trying her damnedest to worm her way into JFK’s appearance by flirting with the passengers.

“Can I get you anything else to drink, Mr. Manchester?” she asks one, fluttering the lashes around her saucer-size eyes.


Sarah Michelle Gellar dishes about going from 'Buffy' to 'Ringer' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

One of the fall TV season’s buzziest storylines can be summed up in two words: Buffy’s Back. On Sept. 13, Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to series television with Ringer, a sexy, soapy neo-noir from the CW about deeply troubled twin sisters who couldn’t be more different… except for the fact that they are both being played by a woman who used to save the world. A lot. The next issue of Entertainment Weekly (on sale Friday) will tell you the story of how and why the star of such films as The Grudge and Cruel Intentions decided to take a break from movies and make Ringer her follow-up to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but, until then, check out the video below, in which Freddie Prinze Jr.’s better half took a few moments to chat about the intricately twisted premise of her new show, which also stars Ioan Gruffudd (Fantastic Four), Nestor Carbonell (Lost), and Kristoffer Polaha (North Shore). “It’s me and myself sharing all these good-looking guys,” says Gellar. “It’s a pretty good job if you can get it.” Clip after the jump! READ FULL STORY

'Glee Project' winners relive last night's shocking twist!

Last night, Glee Project judge and executive producer Ryan Murphy surprised everyone, including the contestants, by announcing that there were TWO winners of the reality competition: Samuel Larsen, 19, and Damian McGinty, 18 both won seven-episode arcs this season on Fox’s hit series. But Murphy wasn’t done with the twists: runners-up Lindsay Pearce, 20, and Alex Newell, 18, would ALSO receive two-episode arcs during Glee‘s third season. Says McGinty, “For the four of us, it’s an amazing feeling knowing that as a group and as a unit we have all basically got ourselves a part on Glee. So in many ways all four of us won at this point.”

EW talked to Larsen and McGinty about their big wins last night.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Take me through being named the winners last night.
SAMUEL LARSEN: I think the best way to describe it is I basically forgot how to function as a human being. It felt like I was floating or something. I was flipping out! It felt like I couldn’t do anything.
DAMIAN MCGINTY: Ryan said great things about us. But then he said,” Samuel, you’ve won The Glee Project.” For me, it was very much a sinking feeling. READ FULL STORY

Scoop: How NBC landed the behind the scenes special 'Inside the Royal Wedding'

The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton has already set off a media frenzy, with every outlet under the sun wanting a piece of the big day. NBC is planning on sending all of its Today Show anchors as well as Nightly News’ Brian Williams to cover the event, but the network will also air Inside the Royal Wedding, a one-hour special premiering April 27, following the wedding preparations from January through April. According to exec producer Nick Bullen, the show will focus on “the supporting cast around the wedding,” like the wedding procession cavalry and the Dean of Westminster Abbey. Bullen says production will be filming until the very last minute to assure the special will catch every last detail. “We’re going to try and deliver as near as possible to [April 27],” he admits. “Obviously, what’s happening with the wedding is that things are being revealed on a daily basis. We want to be as up-to-date as possible. There’s even talk of doing a live introduction from Westminster Abbey on the Wednesday night with Meredith linking live to the States, but that’s still very much in discussions.”  READ FULL STORY

'Glee': On the set for the Super Bowl episode's huge 'Thriller' performance -- EXCLUSIVE

GLEE-THRILLERImage Credit: Patrick Ecclesine/FoxEW was the only magazine on set for Glee‘s huge Super Bowl episode (talk about a touchdown!) and now we can give you Gleeks an exclusive peek at New Directions’ biggest performance to date: an epic mash-up of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Heads Will Roll.” Read below for all the zombie-filled details… READ FULL STORY


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