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Watch the trailer for Amazon kids' series 'Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street'

Amazon announced the premiere for their new live-action kids series, Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street, and released an exclusive trailer.


Watch the 'It's Always Sunny' cast shoot into space in season 10 trailer


At this point, is it surprising the Paddy’s pub gang could scheme themselves into flying into space?


'Newsroom' trailer depicts Boston bombing, more legal trouble for ACN


HBO has only teased the third season of The Newsroom in brief glimpses, offering little actual footage so far. But those wondering about the future of Will McAvoy and his team at News Night need wait no longer, as HBO has debuted the first real look at the show’s final season.


Fists fly in trailer for 'The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story'

What was it like to be a television star in the early 1990’s? Well, for the teens made popular by Saved By The Bell, it seems like it was complicated. And that’s exactly why Lifetime is premiering The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story, a made-for-TV movie that tells the unauthorized behind-the-scenes story of fame at a young age.

In a new trailer for the film, we get an extended glimpse at some of the same hormone-induced drama featured in the movie’s first clip—only this time, there’s a motorcycle, a pool party, and at least one fist fight. Clearly, someone needs to call Mr. Belding.


Blood, bugs, and more in new trailer for NBC's 'Constantine'


Fans first got a visually stunning and startling look at NBC’s upcoming thriller Constantine, based on the D.C. Comics character, on Saturday at the Night of DC Entertainment at Comic-Con 2014—and now the full trailer is online. Matt Ryan stars as the titular character, a working-class con man and demon hunter battling the forces of darkness, both real and internal. NBC previously stated that the character would be slightly different in his television incarnation, and has already replaced co-lead Lucy Griffiths with telenovela star Angelica Celaya.

Constantine premieres on Friday, October 24 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

'Boardwalk Empire' won't go quietly in its final season

HBO has taken a page out of Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner’s playbook, releasing another promo for Boardwalk Empire‘s final season that manages to make every brief clip feel super important while at the same time revealing almost nothing about the season’s plot. READ FULL STORY

'Legend of Korra': The trailer for season 3 is here -- VIDEO

The last season of The Legend of Korra ended with Korra defeating the spirit of chaos and darkness and restoring balance to the world. How do you top that?

Well, plenty, as we can see in the new trailer for Book 3: Changes (the series refers to its seasons as “books”). At this point in the story, Korra’s lost the link between her past Avatar lives and left open the bridge between the human world and the spirit world, so there’s plenty of room for new narrative material. Now that the bridge is open, people and ghostly, creature-like spirits coexist. Curiously, the new trailer doesn’t have much of that — you’d think humans and giant bunnies would be hanging out everywhere. READ FULL STORY

'Game of Thrones': Two more 'final' trailers


So while last Sunday’s trailer was the final full trailer for Game of Thrones‘s fourth season, HBO put out a couple of new, shorter ads last night. READ FULL STORY

The new 'Penny Dreadful' teaser trailer is rightfully creepy -- VIDEO

The new teaser trailer for Showtime’s horror series Penny Dreadful may just make your skin crawl.

Someone’s skin is feeing the effects of this twisted tale in the promo. The series, starring Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton and Eva Green, follows classic horror characters wreaking havoc through the streets of Victorian London. The thriller is created by writer John Logan (SkyfallSweeney Todd), who also serves as an executive producer with Sam Mendes and Pippa Harris.


HBO's New 'Looking' trailer: Jonathan Groff is looking for love and a roommate in San Francisco

Glee alum and C.O.G. star Jonathan Groff leads an upcoming HBO gay drama/comedy called Looking. HBO debuted their new 30-second trailer, featuring Groff musing, “What’s wrong with having a life outside of work?” Then adding, perhaps to the chagrin of City of Angels-dwellers, “If I didn’t want to have a life, I’d move to L.A.” We see him walking around a moody looking San Francisco, attempting to find a roommate, but somehow finding his browser on OkCupid. The cast also includes Frankie Alvarez and Murray Bartlett.

Watch the new trailer below: READ FULL STORY

'Dexter' must-see preview: First two minutes of season 7 released


You don’t have to wait for the seventh season of Dexter to learn how Debra reacts to last season’s twist ending.

You can watch it right here and now. Showtime just screened the first two minutes of the upcoming season, which picks up right after Debra walks in on her brother murdering a serial killer. Here’s the big moment, and below there’s some insight from the cast. READ FULL STORY

'Breaking Bad' season 5 trailer

Breaking Bad‘s fifth season is right around the corner and here’s the first trailer. This looks like it’s a mix of new and previous footage, setting the stage for the return of Walter White on July 15. “We’re done when I say we’re done.” READ FULL STORY

Syfy's 'Bigfoot' first trailer: Sasquatch gets Hulk-like makeover -- EXCLUSIVE


Sasquatch smash! The legendary bigfoot creature best known for looking like a really hairy guy strolling through the woods gets a Syfy makeover. In the network’s version of Bigfoot starring TV legends Danny Bonaduce (The Partridge Family) and Barry Williams (The Brady Bunch), the creature is like King Kong or The Hulk — a giant, destructive rage monster. Howard Hesseman (Head of the Class), Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks), Andre Royo (The Wire) and Alice Cooper (School’s Out) co-star in the movie, which debuts Saturday, June 30 at 9 p.m. Here’s your first sighting of Syfy’s Bigfoot — get yeti for fun! READ FULL STORY


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