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'Luck' be a teaser trailer: Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte hit the races in dark horse drama

“It’s a beautiful day at the track.” That’s the first line uttered in the teaser trailer for HBO’s latest crime saga, the racetrack drama Luck, which debuted during last night’s second season premiere of Boardwalk Empire. Of course, despite some beautifully shot scenes of horses on a racetrack (the show, is, after all, at the hands of Heat‘s Michael Mann and Deadwood‘s David Milch), it appears what’s going on outside the arena is anything but. Dustin Hoffman stars as a crime boss who has recently been released from prison after three years and is not happy about his lost time. (Not sure if we’ve ever seen Hoffman flip over a table before this!) The teaser clip doesn’t give too much else away about the plot or the rest of the impressive cast (including Nick Nolte and Dennis Farina), but the show looks like it has the same winning pedigree as some of HBO’s other classics. (See: snippets of sex, greed, and violence.) Watch the full clip below. And they’re off… READ FULL STORY

CW's 'Secret Circle' promo is out of control -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

The CW has a new promo that casts a spell over its streaming video. The unconventional ad teases Kevin Williamson’s new CW witches drama The Secret Circle that’s premiering Thursday night. The video exudes so much magic that it corrupts the very player you’re watching it on. Do not click away, just keep telling yourself,  “This is supposed to happen… ” Wands out: “Buffer-larmous!” READ FULL STORY

'Enlightened' trailer: Laura Dern tries to change the world in the new HBO dramedy -- EXCLUSIVE

Interested in seeing Laura Dern as “an agent of change” — not to mention, a woman who can create a rather disturbing elevator scene? Empower yourself by watching the first trailer for the new HBO drama Enlightened. Dern plays Amy Jellicoe, a troubled corporate exec who suffers a nervous breakdown, receives treatment at a mental health facility in Hawaii, and then returns to work as a new person. The kind who peddles self-help mantras and asks a table full of suits, “Wouldn’t you be happier working for a place that’s, like, giving back to the world instead of some corporate parasite that’s raping land and people?” Enlightened – which also stars Luke Wilson, Diane Ladd, and exec producer Mike White — debuts Oct. 10. Check out the trailer below:  READ FULL STORY

'Boss' trailer: Kelsey Grammer rules the Chicago way

In Starz’ upcoming drama, Boss, Kelsey Grammer plays the embattled mayor of Chicago. The new trailer is full of political bromides that reinforce the grit beneath his Tom Kane’s polished facade. “Spectators stand on the sidelines lacking the balls to do this job!” “If in the course of doing what I believe is best for this city there is collateral damage, so be it!” “One necessary evil leads to another until one day you can’t differentiate between what’s necessary and what’s merely expedient.” It’s almost like The West Wing, if Aaron Sorkin had been replaced by David Mamet. Take a look. READ FULL STORY

'Five': Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore direct star-filled cancer drama. Expect tears. Lots of tears. -- VIDEO

The ultra-dramatic trailer for Five, from a talented quintet of females, spares no emotional note. There are tears, dramatic music, and angry guitar smashing — but, also, from the looks of it, some truly phenomenal acting.

The movie, premiering on Lifetime Oct. 10, is a series of five short films with some very famous names attached. Jennifer Aniston, Alicia Keys, Demi Moore, Penelope Spheeris (director of Wayne’s World) and Patty Jenkins (who directed the pilot for AMC’s The Killing) all directed segments of the film, each of which tells a different story relating to breast cancer. Former Big Love star Jeanne Tripplehorn plays an oncologist and acts as the common thread in five parts.  READ FULL STORY

'Boardwalk Empire' trailer: 'You go SCHOOL these crackers.'

The first season of Boardwalk Empire didn’t always cohere together as a sensible narrative — if that mid-season trip to the Republican National Convention served any purpose beyond wedging in some Warren G. Harding jokes, I’ll eat my fedora — but as a mechanism for getting great acting onscreen, it was a veritable perpetual motion engine. The cast of Boardwalk was so accomplished that one of its finest performers got surprisingly short shrift: Michael K. Williams, still best known as Omar from The Wire. From the look of things in the new trailer, Williams’ Chalky White may have a bigger role this season, if only because he appears to be the last guy still on Nucky Thompson’s side. While everyone else is plotting against him — Chicago, New York, Nucky’s friends, the law, the KKK — Chalky gets the stand-out line of the trailer: “You go school these crackers.” It sounds anachronistic, but I’ll ask a Linguistics Major before I make any judgments. Watch the trailer: READ FULL STORY

MTV's 'I Just Want My Pants Back' first trailer -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


MTV has sandwiched Sunday’s big event VMAs with an original episode of Jersey Shore (“Let’s do it!”) and a preview screening of promising new series I Just Want My Pants Back.

If you haven’t yet heard about the latter, it’s based on a novel by David J. Rosen (who’s also a producer on the show) about a group of hipster twentysomethings living and loving in New York City. You can check out the full pilot after the VMAs (the series doesn’t officially premiere until next year) and here’s the first online sneak peak of the show (and, yes, the trailer explains the title): READ FULL STORY

Terry O'Quinn on 'Hawaii Five-0' first trailer -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Terry O’Quinn isn’t going to be stuck behind a desk on Hawaii Five-0.

From the looks of this first trailer for the show’s second season, O’Quinn is a man of action as he takes on bad guys with Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin). The Lost veteran plays a Navy Seal Lt. Commander who trained McGarrett on the show, which has also enlisted guest stars like Patty Duke, Lauren German, and Tom Sizemore.

Check out this exclusive first look at O’Quinn taking aim at Hawaii Five-0, which returns Sept. 19. “You’re not exactly the Aloha type… “


'Real World: San Diego' trailer: Drunkenness, debauchery, dolphins -- VIDEO

Real World: San Diego. Yes, it’s more of the same. But if you’re a fan, you know you’ll love it and watch it all the same. Props to the housemate giving her analysis of one-night stands: “I just don’t know if I have the emotional stability to undergo that kind of procedure.” And, really, a shooting range? Giving the Real World cast weapons seems like a bad idea, no? READ FULL STORY

'Raising Hope': Baby Hope goes bananas in the new promo -- VIDEO

Get it? Bananas? She’s dressed as a monkey, people!! (Yes, I get paid for this)

There’s so much to love about this brand-spakin’ new promo for the second season of my favorite new comedy of last year. From Hope’s little monkey outfit, to the cardboard buildings (I want to make those), to her little almost-talking noises. It’s too much cute to handle! Check out the promo below. And “awwww” with me.  READ FULL STORY

'Doctor Who': New 'Let's Kill Hitler' trailer -- VIDEOS

This Saturday, Doctor Who returns with its most buzzed-about episode in years. It’s titled “Let’s Kill Hitler,” and you don’t really need any more explanation than that why people are talking about it, do you? Here’s a brand new clip from the episode, where The Doctor first meets Der Fuhrer and, below that, a preview from BBC America of the next six episodes (including the Hitler ep). Don’t let that one line in the trailer fool you; the showrunner has made clear Sir Who is “not going to save Hitler”: READ FULL STORY

'The T.O. Show' trailer: Are you ready for NO football?! -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

When VH1 first agreed to give football player Terrell Owens his own reality show in 2009, he was the star wide receiver for “America’s Team,” the Dallas Cowboys. But by the time the first season aired, he’d been let go by the Cowboys and signed with last-place Buffalo. Then, he spent season 2 jousting with new teammate and fellow reality-TV wannabe, Chad Ochocinco, while playing for last-place Cincinnati.

Now, for season 3 of The T.O. Show, which premieres Monday, Aug. 22, at 9:30, the 37-year-old finds himself out of football altogether — possible permanently — after an off-season knee surgery. Suddenly, The T.O. Show might have the makings of some real reality drama as the preening jock stares into the abyss and tries to navigate an uncertain financial future. In the first half of the trailer for the new season, which you can view below, Owens is subdued, emotional, and whenever possible, shirtless and sweaty. But as Owens says, “You can’t keep a good man down,” and his time recuperating in sunny Miami with the trio of strong-willed women who help run his life ultimately devolves into the kind of circus that one who’s watched his playing career would expect. Take a look. READ FULL STORY

First full-length 'Spartacus: Vengeance' trailer is here

Remember during our Comic-Con coverage when I wrote the new Sparty trailer managed to even give the terrific The Walking Dead S2 trailer a run for its money? Then I posted a 30-second teaser that was, you know, just OK? Well, here’s the full version that screened in the room. See what you think. Is Spartacus: Vengeance potentially bigger and better than season one, or are you feeling Whitfield withdrawal? READ FULL STORY

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