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TruTV renews three series including 'Friends of the People,' greenlights two more

TruTV is shoring up its original programming slate, with a trio of renewals for its existing shows, as well as greenlighting two new shows that bring pool and Santa Claus to its lineup.


TruTV orders documentary pilot about a Colorado family's marijuana business

Who knew selling marijuana could be a family business? TruTV apparently did, as it’s the subject of their latest series, Medicine Man.


Watch the trailer for TV's first reality musical 'Branson Famous'

How does a faded Missouri family with the state’s longest-running variety show recapture fame and America’s heartland heart? By singing more, of course.

Imagine your standard Kardashian-style reality family drama with one uniquely insane, Smash-ing element: improvised music during confessionals. That’s the approach truTV is taking to what the network is calling the “first-ever reality musical.” Branson Famous is set behind the scenes at the Baldknobbers Jamboree in Branson, MO, and stars the Mabe family, who are employing every tactic available to cling to their legacy revue as it slips further into financial decline (and a “new sexy singer in town” definitely does not bode well either).

The series premieres on truTV in December and with it comes one of the most bizarre (yet strangely intriguing) concepts you’ll see on TV this year. Below, check out EW’s exclusive first look at the country-fried ambition that is Branson FamousREAD FULL STORY

truTV teams with Tumblr for TV show

Tumblr is reblogging its way to television.


Harry Shum Jr., Chilli, and Michael Curry to judge new truTV series 'Fake Off'

The year’s fakest TV show has found its judging panel.

Harry Shum Jr., Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas, and Michael Curry have all signed on for truTV’s Fake Off, a new competition series about the captivating art of faking. Hosted by actor and dancer Robert Hoffman (Step Up 2: The Streets), the series combines Kabuki theater, acrobatics, dance, costume, and illusion as teams are challenged to recreate and reimagine iconic moments in pop culture, all in hopes of being named America’s Fake-Off champion. It’s sort of like the Oscar-nominated film The Act of Killing, except a lot less violent and bloody. READ FULL STORY

Watch the worst cowboys ever teach lasso lessons on 'Impractical Jokers' -- VIDEO

The pranksters of truTV’s hidden camera comedy series Impractical Jokers are leaving the city and heading someplace rife for comedy: the country!

As the New York boys head to Texas (in an episode aptly titled “Bigger in Texas”), the funny foursome do everything in their power to make life in the Lone Star State as difficult as it can possibly be. Joe, Sal, Q and Murr throw Texas tourists for a loop when they take over the rodeo and attempt to sell their cowboy gear and teach ranchhand skills — to a ridiculously silly degree.

Check out EW’s clip from the special “on the road” episode below, which finds Joe and Sal trying to obey Murr and Q’s commands as they pull the rug over a group of unsuspecting tourists — by giving quite likely the worst cowboy lasso lesson known to man. READ FULL STORY

New season of 'Killer Karaoke' gets super-freaky with cow brains -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

If you think getting up in front of a crowded bar to sing is difficult, then you probably wouldn’t do well as a contestant on truTV’s Killer Karaoke.

The ridiculously hilarious and slightly demented competition show returns Feb. 20 for a new season with new host Mark McGrath. Contestants attempt to sing karaoke hits without missing a word while facing some extreme and bizarre challenges.

This year, Killer Karaoke is upping the ante with a fresh new format: Each episode’s competition will begin with six contestants singing an opening number, after which they will be ranked based on a scoring system. The highest-ranking players will earn advantages throughout the show, such as deciding who goes first, picking their challenges, and sometimes even choosing what obstacles their opponent will face. But the ultimate goal is winning over the audience, who will be voting throughout the competition. When all is “sung and done,” the top two contestants must face each other — as well as their biggest fears — in a final head-to-head battle. The singer with the highest score will then win the weekly cash prize of up to $10,000.

Check out this exclusive clip from the new season with contestant Lamar doing his best Rick James while some super-freaky things get dropped on his head. Warning: The clip is both hilarious and a little gross if you don’t like cow brains.

'Killer Karaoke': TruTV's new singing competition is 'American Idol' meets 'Fear Factor' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Think Blake Shelton and company let The Voice contestants off too easily? TruTV agrees.

Next month, the cable network will premiere a new singing competition — with a killer twist. Every week, Killer Karaoke will challenge contestants to perform hit songs while simultaneously completing squirm-inducing physical challenges, like fending off attack dogs or getting dunked in a tank full of reptiles. Host Steve-O watches as the singers attempt to hit the notes and complete the tasks, because karaoke isn’t uncomfortable enough as it is!

Don’t worry, though, the winner gets to take home $10,000 — so it isn’t all that bad. Think of it as American Idol meets Fear Factor, with a dash of Jackass thrown in for good measure.

The new reality series doesn’t debut until late November, but you can check out an exclusive sneak peek of the show right here. The following clip features a woman tasked with getting through Carrie Underwood’s karaoke standard “Before He Cheats” while dipping her hand in a box of snakes and poking her head into a skunk cage. Take a look below:



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