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Benedict Cumberbatch: Yeah, Sherlock Holmes is pretty great at sex

There’s no denying it: Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes is the object of affection for just about anyone who watches BBC’s Sherlock, whether its Molly’s unrequited love on the show itself or the legion of Tumblr fans who turn every wink, smirk, and step into a GIF-able moment.

But for all the love Holmes receives, he hasn’t exactly returned the favor. More bluntly, Holmes has never had sex on the show. Not with an actual proposed love interest, nor with Watson, to the dismay of all “Johnlock” fans. But while viewers shouldn’t expect a Sherlock sex scene anytime soon, Cumberbatch recently discussed what Sherlock would be like in bed—and readers may need a cigarette after some of his comments.


truTV teams with Tumblr for TV show

Tumblr is reblogging its way to television.


AMC drama to become first show to ever premiere on Tumblr

Tumblr just became a lot more than the place to find the best GIFs.

In anticipation of its newest 10-episode series, Halt and Catch Fire, AMC is launching a two-week, full-episode sneak preview on Tumblr and, making it the first-ever television show to premiere on Tumblr.

Halt and Catch Fire, created by Christopher Cantwell and Christopher C. Rogers, follows the rise of the PC in the early 1980s, roughly one year after IBM.

Halt and Catch Fire is a fun ride through the early days of the PC era, a time when no one could imagine a portable computer weighing less than 15 pounds, let alone one that was a few ounces and doubled as a phone,” AMC President Charlie Collier said in a statement. “It’s a perfect show for summer and – given the subject matter – a good fit for Tumblr’s first TV series premiere and AMC’s first social media screening.” READ FULL STORY

Hollywood Assistants Tumblr to become CBS sitcom

Hollywood is going to have a lot to say about this, and it won’t just be in GIF form.

The previously-anonymous creator of the popular Tumblr blog Hollywood Assistants has sold a sitcom to CBS inspired by her blog, which airs the day-to-day grievances of Hollywood assistants, illustrated with GIFs from television and movies. Some recent posts include “WHEN PEOPLE ASK HOW I AM FIRST THING IN THE MORNING” and “WHEN SOMEONE TELLS ME TO BE THE BIGGER PERSON.” As many have noted, it’s similar to many other GIF-centric blogs such as What Should We Call Me.

As Deadline initially reported and EW has confirmed, 20-Nothings will focus on five educated young women toiling as lowly assistants for high-powered Hollywood executives. The deal with CBS also outs the blog’s creator, Lauren Bachelis, who’s had stints with New Girl and Heroes, among other stops. She’ll write and serve as a supervising producer on the new show, alongside Fred Savage, who will direct and be executive producer.

This isn’t the first time CBS has gone to social media for new stories. In 2010, CBS aired $#*! My Dad Says, based on the popular Twitter account of the same name. 20-Nothings — and Bachelis — also evoke another show about over-educated, under-employed 20-somethings. Just refer to the new project as Girls: The West Coast.

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