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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'House,' 'Gossip Girl,' '24,' 'Chuck,' and more!

Ask-ausiello-gossip-girl_l Question: Obviously the main focus of the House premiere will be House in the “loony bin.” But what will the rest of the cast be up to? –Rachel
Enjoying the rest of their vacation. No joke. I’m told the two-hour One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest-inspired season premiere will feature only two of the show’s main players: House and Wilson. Everyone else will show up the following week. “It is a bold move,” Hugh Laurie acknowledged to EW at last night’s Paley Center for Media event, Creating Great Characters. “We are moving into our sixth year and I suppose the writers felt that we couldn’t just reprise the same stories, the same sets, the same look, the same problems. We needed to go on an adventure, and this is it.” Speaking of House, click here to find out why series creator David Shore is (sort of) apologizing to Huddy fans.

Question: There’s a spoiler floating around that says Chuck is going to bring home a girl in the Gossip Girl season premiere. Does this mean that he cheats on Blair? Or, even worse, that they broke up over the summer? –Fernanda
While it’s true that Blair catches Chuck, ahem, connecting with a model in the Sept. 14 opener, all is not as it appears.

Question: Any news on Gossip Girl? What’s in store for Serena? –Sara
She’ll be motherless for the first batch of episodes due to Kelly Rutherford’s maternity leave.

Question: 90210 scoop, please? –Darren
As you may have heard through the ‘vine, the teens at West Beverly High will be given a hot summer hangout with the C-dub bringing back the Beverly Hills Beach Club. Much like the original — which was a favorite hangout of Kelly, Brenda and Co.  — the new beach-side club will feature a bevy of hot new characters. I mean, it’s not really a beach unless there’s some skin to burn, right?

Question: Is Dustin Milligan not returning to 90210 at all next season? –Becky
Nope. We’ll learn in the Sept. 8 season premiere (via gratuitous exposition) that Ethan decided to stay in Montana with his pa.

Question: Please tell me you have some Smallville scoop! I am spoiler-dry and need some fixins’ on season 9. –Joel
 The “s” word is being thrown around again. No, not Superman — I’m talking about spin-off. With next season likely the show’s last, rumor has it there’s chatter around Smallville about ways to extend the franchise. Meanwhile, my buddy Mitovich over at TV Guide is reporting that Brian Austin Green traded in that series regular gig on One Tree Hill for a two-episode arc on Smallville as DC Comics baddie Metallo. 

Question: That Dominic Monaghan promo decoy thing really disappointed me. Is there any chance Charlie might be coming back to Lost as well, even for a couple of episodes? –Elle
I can confirm what my Frenemy reported on Monday: There is interest on both sides.

Question: Do you have anything on ABC’s V reboot? –Danny
Someone who we were led to believe was a series regular on the show is actually just a guest star in the premiere. At least that’s the impression I was left with after watching the pilot.

Question: Got any scoop for us fangbangers about True Blood? BTW, love that Lafayette is still alive… so far. –Rebecca
HBO just released the official titles and loglines for TB‘s July episodes and they contain some bloody good spoilers…

July 12: “Shake and Fingerpop”
With Jessica in tow, Bill and Sookie head to Dallas to carry out Eric’s vampire-reconnaissance mission — but a surprise awaits them at the airport. At the Light of Day Institute, Jason falls victim to a practical joke, but has the last laugh when the Newlins anoint him for a higher calling.  Maryann throws Tara a birthday party at Sookie’s, attracting much of Bon Temps to its Bacchanalian revelry. Sam postpones his departure from town to attend the bash, connecting with Daphne in the process. Having barely escaped Fangtasia, Lafayette (finds himself reluctantly pulled back into Eric’s orbit.

July 19: “Never Let Me Go”
In Dallas, Sookie connects with one of her own, then joins Bill and Eric for a strategic summit at the lair of the missing vampire, Godric, attended by his lieutenants, Stan and Isabel. Meanwhile, Jason shows his mettle at a Light of Day boot camp, and is rewarded for his hard work with a gift from Sarah. Rebuffed by Tara in her relocation efforts, Maryann decides to cast her spell on the staff of Merlotte’s, softening Tara up towards her new “family.” Eric shares a little-known secret about his past with Bill, and Sookie makes a decision that might solve the Godric mystery — or get her killed.

July 26: “Hard-Hearted Hannah”
Accompanied by Isabel’s human boyfriend Hugo, Sookie embarks on a dangerous mission to locate Godric. Meanwhile, Bill is shocked when a vampire from his distant, more violent past resurfaces in Dallas. In Bon Temps, Daphne presses Sam to get comfortable in his own skin(s); Hoyt continues his unlikely courtship of Jessica; Andy interrogates Lafayette about his disappearance; and Tara and Eggs take a detour while on a road trip. At the Light of Day camp, Jason faces difficult emotional and physical choices. 

Question: If Chris Diamantopoulos is playing Pres. Taylor’s new Chief of Staff on 24 next season, then where does that leave Bob Gunton (a.k.a. Ethan Kanin)? –Betty
Don’t worry about Ethan. He fares very well in the transition.

Question: As the fall schedules are being announced, would it be possible for you to make a matrix of the shows and when they are on each night? –Danielle
Little busy right now with Ask Ausiello, if you hadn’t noticed.

Question: I read that they are casting for a new female CSI on CSI NY. Any info on if this is a replacement or an addition? In other words, is someone not returning in September? –Kate
I can tell you that it’s not a replacement for either Anna Belknap or Melina Kanakaredes. Both are officially returning next season. Not sure about the rest of the cast. 

Question: Can you give us any info on whether Jane Lynch will return to Party Down for the second season? Or will she be too busy with Glee? –Veronika
Let’s ask Party boy Rob Thomas: “It looks unlikely that we’ll be able to use Jane as a series regular next year,” he tells me. “We are hopeful that she can guest star for us at least once, but we’re not even able to lock that down at this point.”

Question: You interviewed Zach Levi! Spill the details, buddy! What can we expect from season 3 of Chuck? –Mena
Our little Ausiello TV sit-down is coming to an embedded video player near you very soon. Here’s another scoop to tide you over: Based on our convo, I am 99 percent certain The Orange Orange will morph into a Subway next season.

Question: What’s up with Ugly Betty next season? Maybe you can get some scoop from Becki Newton when you hang with her at Michael Urie’s play. –Kelcy
Unfortunately, Becki didn’t put out. [Beat] Any scoop. [Hold for laughs] Actually, that’s not true: She confirmed that both she and Michael have received their formal pickup letters from ABC, which means Amanda and Marc will be back next season. Oh, and here’s something else: You’ll never guess who was sitting next to us at the theater — Ed Norton! At least we thought it was Ed Norton. Turns out it was just some dude who looked like Ed Norton. Bottom line: Go see The Temperamentals — you never know what celeb look-alike you’ll see in the audience! (It’s also a really good play!)

Question: Got anything on the upcoming season of Ugly Betty? –Mei
This just in: Producers are adding a twentysomething African-American actress in a major recurring role, which makes me to wonder if Wilhelmina’s daughter is about to get an extreme makeover.

Question: There have been rumors that Danneel Harris is returning as Rachel on One Tree Hill in the season 7. Is this true? –Cameron
The rumors are true. Rachel will be back next season for an arc.

Question: Any idea what actress is slated to play the role of Haley’s sister Quinn on One Tree Hill? –Lila
Ausiello: According to this highly reputable journalist, relative newcomer Shantel VanSanten has landed the role.

That’s a wrap! Feed questions/comments/anonymous tips to
. Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by David Yi and Carrie Bell)

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'House,' 'Lost,' 'Bones,' 'Chuck,' 'Gilmore,' and more!

Ask-ausiello_l Question: I’m wondering if it’s too early for anything related to House. September seems so far away. –Brett
Definitely not too early. House‘s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest-inspired season premiere has been expanded to two hours and is being directed by exec producer Katie Jacobs. Holla!

Question: You probably get this a lot, but I don’t have an agent. I don’t have anything. What I do have is previous experience being a patient at Greystone Park State Hospital, the New Jersey psychiatric facility that is doubling as House‘s temporary home. It would be a true honor to go back there as a quasi-sane person and go play the nut I once was. Think you can tell your insider about me? Everyone’s got to get a break somehow, right? –Donna
Answer me this: How are you on the drums? Producers are currently on the prowl for an older actor who “stomps to his own beat” and is a “real percussionist” to play one of House’s fellow patients. They’re also looking for a young actress who can play the cello if that’s a better fit for you. Let me know and I’ll see if I can set something up. Given your history, you may have to audition via closed circuit camera from the McDonald’s across the street from the studio. It’s nothing personal. It’s just a safeguard in case you lunge at Katie Jacobs with a hammer. BTW, all of these casting calls have me thinking House is going to form his own loony bin pit band. Hugh Laurie has already established that he can sing as well as play the piano, guitar, harmonica and saxophone. Call me crazy, but I think I’m on to something here.

Question: Is Brian Austin Green doing One Tree Hill or not? –Jacob
 Not. As I teased last week, Green’s reps got cold feet and pulled out of the deal. Lipstick Jungle hottie Robert Buckley has just signed on to replace him. 

Question: I’m pretty sure I saw you at the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn last weekend. You’re even cuter in person! With that said, can you give me anything on Lost? –Sean
I was hoping I’d have an excuse to run this question, and my prayers were answered last night when this piece of scoop fell in my lap: Contrary to what a loose-lipped agency assistant Twittered yesterday, no deals are in place for any season 1 Lost alums to return for the show’s sixth and final season. That said, I can confirm that Team Darlton is checking the availability of several MVPs. My guess: We’ll get the official scoop on who’s returning at Comic-Con next month.

Question: I’m officially following you on Twitter! Fun, right? So, how’s about a little Bones scoop? I heard that Booth does remember who Bones is, but he thinks that his dream was real, so he’s just confused. Any truth to that? –Esther
Sounds like a question for exec producer Hart Hanson. “Booth’s problem isn’t remembering who Brennan is,” he tells me, “it’s remembering which Brennan she is.Sneaky!

Question: Are we ever going to find out who Red John is on The Mentalist? –Thaddeus
Yes, but first PJ is going to need some help. Enter California Bureau of Investigation Agent Sam Glenn. The new recurring character, currently being cast, heads up the division handling the Red John investigation and is apparently the one person who doesn’t get seduced by Simon Baker’s pretty face. He’s also Lisbon’s (Robin Tunney) onetime mentor and ex, so cue the flying sparks!

Question: I just read your online column for the first time last week. It’s great! But what do the initials BTW and TBD mean? Thanks in advance. –Tommie
There’s no such thing as a stupid question. Just really, really dumb ones. I keed, I keed. BTW means “bi tranny wreck,” and TBD stands for “terribly b’smelly doo-doo.”

Question: Loved the Burn Notice premiere. What’s ahead? –Kristin
The show is currently in production on its midseason finale, and as Jeffrey Donovan reveals in this exclusive Ausiello TV Q&A, it’s chock-full of Fiona-Michael drama — most of which is triggered by the appearance of that evil Irishman (Paul Blackthorne) from Fi’s past. And now for something timelier: In tonight’s episode, Fiona plants a wet one on birthday boy Michael. (Her real gift cuts deeper.)  

Question: Is there still time to get producers of Ghost Whisperer to change their minds about this five-year flash forward? I think it’s a mistake. — Claire
Don’t think so. Any and all hope of getting them to un-ring the time jump bell was pretty much lost on Tuesday when they put out a casting call for Melinda and Jim’s now-5-year-old son Aiden. 

Question: Where’s all this Glee scoop you’re supposed to have? –Tessa
Lose the ‘tude, Tessa. Here’s your Glee prattle: Whitney Houston apparently doesn’t share EW staffer Tim Stack’s love for singing high schoolers. Last week, Ryan Murphy, creator of Fox’s musicomedy, told us he’s been engaged in “ongoing talks” with the Grammy-winning superstar to make a guest appearance this fall. But a rep for Houston, whose first studio album in seven years drops Sept. 1, insists “it’s not happening.” Responds Tim Stack in a statement: “It’s not right, but it’s … nope, it’s not okay either.”

Question: I just saw via your Twitter feed that Zachary Levi randomly stopped by your office last week. Lucky you! When will you be posting the interview? –Crosby
Most likely next week! To tide you over, the Zachster let slip a very spoilery tease about next season’s Chuck. It involves the new kung fu-esque intersect in his brain. Apparently, there are some kinks to be worked out.

Question: It’s been quiet around Ugly Bettyland. Got any scoop on the upcoming season? –Kelly
Forget next season — I’ve got some scoop for next week. I’m going on a date with Becki Newton! Here’s the sitch: With her hubby busy hanging with Jack Bauer in L.A., Becks (yep, we’re there already) invited me to go see Michael Urie’s play The Temperamentals with her on ***day. What’s the catch? There isn’t one! Although, come to think of it, it was my Amex the tix got charged to. Eh, I’m sure she’ll pay me when I see her. Or she can buy the drinks at intermission. We’ll work something out, don’t you worry.

Question: One of my favorite summer shows, Leverage, is returning next month. Got any scoops on my fave thief-peeps? –Dana
Producers want a “star name actor” to play Nathan’s evil doppelganger, Bierko. The mastermind behind his own crew of thieves, the big baddie has assembled a “whizbang mob,” which is a fancy way of describing a group of people who move into town, execute a big job, and then move on. Although I’m guessing since the role is recurring, that last part doesn’t work out so well.

Question: I’m handing in my Comic-Con virgin card this year and couldn’t be more excited. I was hoping for some advice from your expansive Con experience on how to nab some autographs and pictures with my favorite TV peeps — especially the Winchester Bros. –Jake
I’m handing in my V-card, too (is that really a thing?), so I can’t help you. My colleague Whitney Pastorek, on the other hand, is practically a Con slut, so let’s see what wisdom she has to impart: “A) I resent the implication that attending one Comic-Con out of wedlock has made me a ‘slut,’ but I suppose coming from the Heidi Fleiss of TCA I should take it as a compliment and B), Jake, my advice to you is simple: Get a schedule, attend the panels you want to see, haunt the convention center floor for signings at network and studio booths, and take advantage of the fact that San Diego’s beautiful downtown is very walkable — you never know who might wander past behind a pack of really tall Jawas.” Hey, while we’re dispensing advice, here’s a piece for you, Whit: Don’t ever insult me in my own column again. All I have to do is make one phone call and you’ll be spending Labor Day weekend live-blogging the Jerry Lewis Telethon with Annie Barrett. You mess with the bull, you get the horns, you hear?

Question: To get the deets on your Comic-Con meet-and-greet we have to Tweet (Ask Ausiello/June 3)? Really? So all your loyal fans on E, ya know, the ones who read you when you were at TV Guide, we don’t rate unless we follow you on Twitter? Hmm… Might have to start burning some Smurfs. –MJ
I was joking! All of the pertinent information about my highly anticipated Con pow-wow (i.e., how much I’ll be charging for my autograph, how many bodyguards I’ll have, what snacks you’ll need to bring, etc.) will be posted on my Facebook page as well as on Twitter. Okay, all joking aside, there’ll also be a note on my office door.

Question: Have you heard anything about ABC responding to the Save Samantha Who? petition? –Mel
All’s quiet on the ABC, but there’s some noise coming from a cable net. All hope is not lost! Yet!

Question: Any scoop on TNT’s Saving Grace? It is my favorite summer show! –Cristin
Let’s just say that many unanswered questions from last season’s finale will definitely be resolved in a timely fashion. For starters, within the first 10 minutes of the June 16 season premiere you’ll find out who exactly that girl on the corner is and how she relates to Grace’s life. How exactly she changes it is still TBD. Also in the upcoming season: Earl has a rival, someone gets engaged, and Grace may end up in prison!

Question: How about a Dexter scoop, sir? –Mark
We’re going to be meeting more of Dexter’s neighbors next season. Serial guest star Rick Peters (Veronica Mars, Swingtown, Heroes, Bones, etc.) has been cast as Dexter’s next-door nabe, Elliott. We’ll also come face-to-face with Elliott’s wife as well as a third neighbor by the name of Andy. Hmm … I see an extremely awkward block party in Dex’s future.

Question: What ever happened to that Gilmore Girls movie? –Corey
The man who would have a hand in green-lighting such a project — Warner Bros. Television boss Peter Roth — recently told me that he’d be more open to the idea of a Gilmore feature film than a TV movie. Not sure why. He ran away before I could sneak in a follow-up. In related news, if you want to see Peter Roth do a 100-yard dash in under three seconds, ask him about a Gilmore Girls movie.                                                   

Question: Wait, I thought that it was confirmed that Kirk Acevedo wasn’t fired from Fringe? But here you are saying that a new female agent will replace him. What happened? –Michele
All I know is what my sources have told me: Acevedo is leaving for creative reasons and a new female agent will replace him.

Question: What’s this I hear about Cappie turning down Casey on Monday’s Greek finale? Finally she comes around, and now this? Why’s Cappie holding out? –Caitlin
Casey is quickly becoming Greek‘s Joey Potter, what with all the oscillating between men. So who does she finally pick? Assuming the rumor you heard is true, you could say that maybe Cappie doesn’t want to be a Pacey. Maybe he wants Joey to be with her Dawson. Love is complicated, dammit! (Click here for an exclusive sneak peek at the finale.)

Question: Do you have anything on True Blood? –Rebecca
Not now, but I will right after Sunday’s season premiere. Come back then.

That’s a wrap! Feed questions/anonymous tips/Con tips to
. Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Tim Stack and David Yi)

Whitney here with the last word: Bull? Horns? Did that expression work out for Principal Vernon, Aus? Did it inspire fear or respect? No. No, I don’t believe it did. Just sayin’.

Scoop: ABC defends moving 'Ugly Betty' to Friday

Ugly Betty
fans are pretty peeved.

ABC’s announcement this morning that it’s banishing moving the once-mighty comedy to Fridays next season to make room for its buzzy new drama Flash Forward on Thursdays at 8 p.m. has elicited a chorus of “WTFs?!” from the show’s rabid followers. But Alphabet president Stephen McPherson insists shifting the show to the TV graveyard known as Friday should not be interpreted as a sign Betty is on her last legs.

“I love the show [and] America [Ferrera] is one of our biggest stars,” says McPherson. “[But] you look at [Betty‘s declining ratings on] Thursday night and we think we have a big opportunity with Flash Forward. You have to make some bold moves sometimes. To me, I’d love to see [Betty] have a great run on Friday night the way Ghost Whisperer has [for CBS].”

In other ABC scheduling news, McPherson confirmed the demise of Cupid, The Unusuals, According to Jim, Samantha Who?, and In the Motherhood. To track the status of all your favorite bubble shows, bookmark my Fall TV Cheat Sheet. To see ABC’s complete fall schedule, head to the Hollywood Insider blog. And for up-to-the-minute renewal-cancellation-pickup scuttlebutt throughout
upfront week, stay close to both my blog (the one you’re reading now!)
and Twitter feed.

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'The Office,' '24,' 'HIMYM,' '90210,' 'Gossip Girl,' 'Psych,' 'One Tree Hill,' and more!

Question: Anything new about The Office finale? –Cindy
The twist ending I’ve been telling you about? Not a single
one of you has come close to guessing what it is.

Question: As the finales air, you should update your Season Finale Scorecard! –Matt
What a great idea. Wish I had thought of that. (Man, I can be a pissy bitch sometimes.)

Question: Just watched the Lost finale and WTFJULIET?! –Margaret
No comment.

Question: News on Tony and the 24 finale? –Aaron
One of the slots in my Season Finale Scorecard is reserved
just for him. Can you guess which one? Speaking of Tony, the evil douche was the topic of conversation at Tuesday’s finale screening in Hollywood.
Kiefer Sutherland admitted that Carlos Bernard wasn’t expecting fans to
hold him personally accountable for his character’s actions. "Two
episodes in he started getting hate mail," he said. "Then he started
getting the hate phone calls. It made him a little nervous." For his
part, Bernard views Tony as a victim. "I don’t perceive Tony as evil.
He’s gone through really traumatic events. He’s a damaged individual.
He’s a guy who doesn’t trust anybody anymore, feels abandoned and feels
he has to take matters into his own hands." Exec producer Jon Cassar urges viewers to reserve judgment until after Monday’s finale.
"I know right now they are kind of upset that he’s bad, but it all kind
of becomes clear in episode 24. We really wanted [the season] to end
with Tony and Jack, and that’s how it’s going to end." Fellow e.p.
Howard Gordon was slightly less apologetic. "If people are disappointed
or don’t like [how Tony’s arc is resolved], too bad." (Make that a lot less apologetic.)

Question: Do you know if Janeane Garofalo will be back on 24 next season? I’m kind of digging Janis. –Jason
Sorry to disappoint, but Janis will not be making the trek to New York. "I think the secret of this show is knowing when characters have had their story," explains exec producer Howard Gordon. "And to transpose everybody [from D.C. to New York] starts feeling very coincidental. Even getting Chloe there … you have to explain how she got from Washington to New York and what happened. You can’t do that for everybody."

Question: Any scoop on the 24 finale? –Kristen

"Renee is all over the place in these last two episodes," reveals Annie
Wersching. "I got to do my favorite stunt [of the season] — and they
let me do it myself. It involves hanging off of a car and shooting and
saving someone. It was really cool."

Question: Any scoops on Ugly Betty‘s season finale? –Thiago
Betty makes out with someone, and his name is neither Matt nor Henry. Guesses? Head to the comments section and … eh, forget it. It’s Antonio Sabato Jr.

Question: How about you give Psych some love this week. –Darren
It would be my honor. The Princess Bride‘s Cary Elwes has closed a deal to guest star in a season 4 episode as Pierre Despereaux, a world-class art thief who’s been eluding capture for years. 

Question: What does the future hold for Annie and Liam on 90210? –Stephanie
Based on the finale, a straitjacket and an STD, respectively.

Question: What’s the latest on Chuck‘s renewal? –Dave
Warner Bros. and NBC are haggling over money. Shocking, I know. If a deal can be worked out — and I have every reason to believe it can (and will) be — it’ll be back for a 13-episode third season. BTW, renewal and cancellation scoop is best served instantaneously, so now would be a good time to start following me on Twitter. I’m just sayin’. 

Question: Please tell me CBS is picking up the NCIS spin-off. I liked it a lot, but leaving a cliffhanger like that for a show that hasn’t officially been picked up is cruel! –Angel
CBS is picking up the NCIS spin-off. Feel better?

Question: Any news about the new season of Entourage? –Bob
Lloyd’s out … as Ari’s punching bag. Producers are auditioning twentysomething actors to play Ari’s new assistant on a recurring basis next season. My guess? Lloyd finally gets promoted to agent. Or, even better, he takes a job at another agency and becomes Ari’s rival!

Question: Could you please give us some juicy scoop on the Gossip Girl finale? It would really make my day. –Kari
One of the cliffhangers involves Georgina … and Dan, and another Blair and Chuck. Actually, the latter is less a cliffhanger and more a itisaboutfreakingtime. (Real word. No lie. Look it up if you don’t believe me!) 

Question: Bummed about Chad and Hilarie leaving One Tree Hill. At least tell me Lucas and Peyton get a proper sendoff in Monday’s finale. –Tracey
According to EW’s Jennifer Armstrong, who screened the finale yesterday, Leyton "definitely comes to a natural resting place that feels right for them and ties up their story nicely; however, they do not get an actual sendoff of any kind." Speaking of Chad and Hilarie’s exit, in the very near future I’ll be posting something every Tree Hill fan will want to read. Trust me.

Question: Give me something about the One Tree Hill finale! –Christy
What else you got, Armstrong? "Brooke finally gets two things she’s long wanted, we find out the fate of Peyton and the baby, and Whitey (the retired HS basketball coach) and Karen (Lucas’ mom, played by Moira Kelly) appear." Thanks for ID’ing those last two JA, ’cause I wouldn’t have had a clue who you were talking about. Still don’t, in fact. 

Question: Give us scoop on the new characters that will be joining One Tree Hill next season. –Janelle
The three new faces include: Quinn, Haley’s free-spirited, strong-willed older sister; Alexis, a model-actress-crazy bitch in her 20s who Brooke hires to be the new face of her clothing line; and Clayton, a young and brash sports agent who takes on Nathan as a client.

Question: Got any scoop on this Friday’s Ghost Whisperer season finale? –Amanda
Melinda gives birth in the opening minutes, but there’s a twist. (Hint: The new arrival will not be mentioned in my Season Finale Scorecard for a reason.)

Question: The slap bet between Barney and Marshall is one of my favorite storylines on HIMYM. Any chance they will hit us up in the finale? –Sarah
There will be lots of smacking, but not between those two. In related news …

Question: Are we going to see that freaking goat next week on How I Met Your Mother? –John
Yes! "We’re going to learn all about the goat in the season finale," confirms Neil Patrick Harris. "I can’t wait to hear the audience reaction. My only concern is a PETA backlash … [But] no goats were harmed in the making of this TV show." Ted on the other hand …

Question: I hear something big will happen Monday on How I Met Your Mother with regard to the identity of the mother. Will we finally find out who she is? –Stephen
We won’t find out who she is, but we will find out where she is.

Question: I know you said to stop bugging you about the Smallville death, but is there anything you can tell us about the finale? –Kate
Yeah, come straight here after it’s over (on the West Coast).

Question: Please tell me that Dave doesn’t kill MJ on Desperate Housewives. I don’t know if I could handle that. –Alisa
You see, that’s where you and I differ. I’d be perfectly happy with one less brat kid on that show. Here’s what I’ll say about Mike and Susan’s brat son in Sunday’s episode: I can confirm that the finale includes a cemetery scene. And I can also confirm that brat MJ is in it.

Question: It would make my day extra Smurfy if you could tell me who’s coming back to Desperate Housewives, and if he/she will be back next season. –Jennifer
No one is coming back. That idea, first teased by Marc Cherry last month at PaleyFest ’09, has been scrapped. There’s more to the story, but I’m saving it for my memoirs, due out in 2022 by Penguin ($39.99).

Question: You Twittered that tomorrow’s Prison Break finale brings the show to a satisfying conclusion. My question to you: Will it be satisfying to Michael and Sara fans? –Dina
I know a trick question when I see it. Nice try, Dina.

Question: Will diehard Barney-Robin fans be satisfied with the How I Met Your Mother finale? –Andree
They’ll be ecstatic… hey, you tricked me! No fair!

Question: Do you have any information on the new Melrose Place? –Jeff
Only that the opening sequence is apparently a jaw-dropper — and so top-secret members of the show’s own writing staff haven’t seen it.

That’s a wrap! Send questions/anonymous tips/summer vacation tips to Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Jennifer Armstrong, Michelle Castillo and Dan Snierson)

UPDATED season finale scorecard: Weddings! Deaths! Pregnancies! Arrests! Cyndi Lauper!

Seasonfinales_lAs we enter the last leg of the season, plot twists piling up on all sides, you can do one of two things: You can let the tension get to you and bite your nails down to nubs, or you can make fun of the suspense by trying to guess what’s going to happen to whom. Of course, you don’t have to guess which option I’m in favor of. As you will see below, I went ahead and compiled a by-the-numbers list of almost-spoilers — all of which take place within the next two weeks. Now it’s your turn. Connect the dots to answer your own burning questions. I’ll even give you a (big) hint: At least one incident from the list pertains to the finales of each of the following shows: Desperate Housewives, 30 Rock, House, Ugly Betty, The Office, CSI: NY, Smallville, Supernatural, How I Met Your Mother, Prison Break, Lost, Gossip Girl, 90210, Grey’s Anatomy, 24, and Bones. Mind you, in spite of appearances to the contrary, I can’t know everything, so there may be a surprise or three that isn’t mentioned below. But this rundown ought to be comprehensive enough to keep you up nights. Enjoy! FYI: The events apply to regular or recurring characters, not random guest stars. Also, the chart will be continually updated to ID the person (or people) connected to each milestone shortly after said milestone takes place. In other words, beware of spoilers! 

Number of couples tying the knot: 4
1) May 11: Cameron & Chase/House
2) May 14: Daniel and Molly/Ugly Betty
3) May 15: Melinda and Jim-Sam/Ghost Whisperer
4) May 17: Mike and ?/Desperate Housewives

Number of positive pregnancy tests: 2
1) May 14: Pam Beesly/The Office
2) May 17: Lynette Scavo/Desperate Housewives

Number of couples (maybe) having sex for the first time: 2
1) May 14: Booth and Brennan/Bones
2) May 19: Liam and Jen/90210

Number of confirmed fatalities: 7
1) May 14: Jimmy Olsen/Smallville
2) May 14: Davis-Doomsday/Smallville
3) May 14: Ruby/Supernatural
4) May 14: Jessica Angell/CSI: NY
5) May 15: Michael Scofield/Prison Break
6) May 15: Christina Rose/Prison Break
7) May 21: Molly/Ugly Betty

Number of first-time love confessions: 3
1) May 14: Cristina and Owen/Grey’s Anatomy
2) May 18: Barney and Robin/How I Met Your Mother
3) May 18: Chuck and Blair/Gossip Girl

Number of possible fatalities: 5
1) May 13: Juliet Burke/Lost
2) May 14: Izzie Stevens/Grey’s Anatomy
3) May 14: George O’Malley/Grey’s Anatomy
4) May 14: Tiva/NCIS
5) May 21: Hotchner/Criminal Minds

Number of babies born: 3*
1) May 15: Michael Jr./Prison Break
2) May 18: Sawyer Brooke Scott/One Tree Hill
3) May 19: Adrianna’s daughter/90210

Number of presumed-dead characters returning (in the flesh or as a hallucination): 3
1) May 11: Dr. Lawrence Kutner/House
2) May 15: Paul Kellerman/Prison Break
3) May 18: Lily and Rufus’ son, Scott/Gossip Girl

Number of characters sent directly to jail (or taken into custody): 4
1) May 15: T-Bag/Prison Break
2) May 15: The General/Prison Break
3) May 18: Olivia Taylor/24
4) May 18: Tony Almeda/24

Number of former loves resurfacing: 2
1) May 14: Holly Flax/The Office
2) May 21: Henry/Ugly Betty

Number of Cyndi Lauper cameos: 1
1) May 14: 30 Rock

Number of characters converting to Scientology: 0

Number of car crashes: 2
1) May 17: Mike crashes into Dave/Desperate Housewives
2) May 18: Bunch of ‘em on 24!

Number of characters institutionalized: 2
1) May 11: Dr. Gregory House/House
2) May 17: Dave Williams/Desperate Housewives

Number of first kisses: 1
1) May 17: Bree and Karl/Desperate Housewives

* One of the three births takes place during a time jump.

Think you can match the season-ending events with the shows they take place on? Take your best shot in the comments section! Oh, and you shouldn’t necessarily read anything into the photo collage above. There could be some clever misdirection at work there.

addCredit(“Office: Mitch Haddad/NBC; Greys: Scott Garfield/ABC; House: Isabella Vosmikova/Fox; Smallville: Michael Courtney/The CW “)

'Ugly Betty' scoop: The braces are coming off!

Americaferrera_lAfter a five-week hiatus, Ugly Betty takes back its Thursday perch tonight with the first of five all-new episodes. To mark the occasion, series creator Silvio Horta — who on Monday was honored with the Courage Award from the Point Foundation (great organization, check it out) — gave me permission to interrogate him about all things Ugly, including Henry’s return, Christina’s exit, Justin’s sexuality, and, yes, Betty’s braces.

Are you looking at Matt and Betty as a long-term couple?
As long-term as it gets in TV. As with any romance, there will be obstacles as well as some misunderstandings before the finale, and it’s going to lead to some juicy stuff next year. Matt’s going to be around and their relationship is going to be changing and growing.

How significantly will Henry’s return threaten their relationship?
They’ve both moved on, but they obviously are still an important part of each others’ lives and that’s going to become a complication. There’s going to be feelings of insecurity on Matt’s side, and there are some unresolved things between Henry and Betty.

Speaking of Betty’s exes, might we see Gio again?
Potentially, but there are no plans at this point.

Will the issue of Justin’s sexuality be addressed next season?
Yeah, we’re going to explore stuff. He’ll be going to high school and getting older, so we’ll definitely be exploring that.

Will Marc find love after Cliff?
We’ve been discussing it. We haven’t started breaking the exact stories for next year, but that’s one of the things we’ve really talked about. We want to see [Marc and Amanda’s] love lives.

How would you characterize Ashley Jensen’s departure? Was it mutual?
It was mutual. She’s amazing. From the get-go, we found some really good stories for her, but we never found enough to service her character the way we wanted to and the way she wanted to. She wanted to do more, but it was [difficult] with a large ensemble like this to give her more. I hope in the future she’ll come back. She’s an important part of the show.

Will Christina get a satisfying send-off?
She will. Next week’s episode will [set things in motion] with Wilhelmina’s baby – or her supposed baby – and it’s going to lead to a lot of complications.

Ana Ortiz gives birth in June. Will we see less of Hilda at the start of next season due to her maternity leave?
We may write her a little lighter in the beginning, but we’re not writing her out or anything.

Who is Rachel Dratch playing in the finale?
She’s playing a dual role. She’s playing Penny Meadows, an editor at Mode, and she’s also playing Mindy Meadows, her twin sister. It’s a one-time guest stint, but she was great.

The most asked Ugly Betty question from my readers: When is Betty getting her braces off?
Her braces will be off by the end of next season. Next year, there’s going to be a progression in her look overall. It’ll still be Betty, but you’ll see some growth in that direction.

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'House,' 'Smallville,' 'Heroes,' 'Dexter,' 'Ugly,' 'Grey's,' 'Gossip Girl,' and more!

Ausiellohousetom_lQuestion: Give me a reason to watch House next week. –Jo
House and Cuddy get physical!

Question: As much as I loved your all-House Ask Ausiello, I have to admit I was just a tiny bit disappointed that we didn’t get even a little Huddy-related scooplet. In honor of my birthday next Tuesday, give me something about the May 4 episode. –Megan
Okay, but I expect you to reciprocate when my b-day rolls around next February. And sending me a greeting via Facebook or Twitter doesn’t count. In Monday’s ep, House suspects his drug habit is fueling his Amber hallucinations, so he decides to quit Vicodin cold turkey. Cuddy comes to his apartment to personally empty out his medicine cabinet, a struggle ensues, and, before you know it, they’re both wrestling on the bathroom floor and … well … roll the clip.

Question: So Faraday is the "less ish, more major" death on Lost, right? What a reveal! Can we expect any more mayhem before the season finale? –Tim
Yes and hell yes.

Question: Any news on the upcoming season of Dexter? –Rosalie
Production on season 4 starts May 28 and, if all goes according to plan, new episodes will begin airing this fall. Spoiler-wise, six months will have lapsed on-screen between the finale and the premiere, which means the birth of Dexter and Rita’s son will have already happened.

Question: Okay, Ausiello, tell me the truth. Is the person being killed off in the season finale of Law & Order: SVU listed in the opening credits? –Geoff

Question: Is there any news as to whether Jessica Capshaw will be back on Grey’s Anatomy next season? –Jay
Not only will she be back, she’s finalizing a deal to become a full-fledged series regular! Holla if you’re a lesbian!

Question: Please give us a hint about the special guest that will appear in the season finale of Smallville and then return next season! –Jorge
I’ll give you two: He shows up in the final scene, and he’s going to cause big problems next season. 

Question: How about you give us another clue as to who is dying in the Smallville season finale? –Kendall
I’ve said all I’m going to say on the subject. I lied, here’s one final hint: I can confirm that there is a twist, but it doesn’t involve anyone coming back to life. Okay, now I’m done. 

Question: I know Weeds started filming season 5 recently so you’ve got to know something! I need to know what’s up with Nancy. –Brandy
Producers are auditioning thirtysomething actresses to play Nancy’s trusted gynecologist on a recurring basis. The role is calling for tasteful nudity and simulated sex, which makes sense since I hear she’ll be getting busy with Andy.

Question: The Heroes finale made it seem like Zachary Quinto might not be back next season. What’s the deal? –Antonio
Zachary Quinto will without question be back next season. But I hear the show is also planning to introduce a cool and mysterious new villain. And, let’s face it, it’s time. 

Question: You were right: The Heroes finale was fantastic. Any scoop on season 4? –Eric
Tracy’s whole revenge arc will serve as a centerpiece of next fall’s "Redemption" volume. 

Question: Any news on what we can expect from the new season of Entourage? –Deirdre
The other man currently destroying Robert and Kitty’s marriage on Brothers & Sisters, Matt Letscher, has been cast as the TV exec overseeing Drama’s show.

Question: Please, please, please have some good scoop for The Office. I feel like it has been forever since we have learned something new. –Matt
Here’s what you already know: Everyone (including Amy Ryan’s Holly) gathers together for Dunder Mifflin’s annual company picnic. Here’s what you don’t know: The episode ends with a doozy of a twist, the repercussions of which will be felt well into next season.

Question: I am dying here. Do you have anything on 90210. –Shay
Interesting choice of words. Makes me wonder what Jim Walsh is up to. I hear we may find out in the finale.

Question: You’re funny! Will Luke Grimes be a regular cast member next season on Brothers & Sisters? –Henri
Yes, I can confirm that I am funny. Oh, wait, that wasn’t a question. My bad. Re. Grimes, I believe making him a series regular was the plan, but that may change in light of growing Ryan backlash. Personally, I have no problem with the actor. It’s the way they’re writing him that irks me. His creepy obsession with Rebecca was bad enough, but now he’s teaming up with Holly to take down the Walkers? And the fact that the writers allowed their sharpest character — Sarah — to fall for it hook, line, and sinker is unforgivable. Can you tell I’m a little down on B&S these days? 

Question: With the May "upfronts" coming soon, could you be wonderful enough to put together a list of those shows already renewed, those going to the MIA network, and those shows up in the air? Pretty please? –Paige
Nah. On second thought, okay.

Question: What is your gut feeling on Chuck‘s chances of renewal? –MD
After watching the finale, my gut feeling is that Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak left NBC with absolutely no choice but to bring it back for a third season.

Question: I’m writing you as I watch Ugly Betty film a scene outside the Woolworth Building, which doubles as Meade Publications Headquarters on the show. It looks like someone important has fallen from the building and onto a car. Who is it?! –Rachel
Let’s ring-up executive producer Sylvio Horta and find out! (And by "ring-up" I mean conduct the interview I had previously arranged through ABC that just happened to coincide with your eyewitness report.) "Yes, someone plummets to their death in the season finale," Horta confirms. "It will play a big role in the plot."

Question: Will Meredith and Thatcher finally resolve their issues on Grey’s Anatomy? –Gabby
Not exactly. She, will, however reach a new understanding with the Chief. She even gives him a gift. A pretty major gift. A gift I have a hunch will play a big role next season (if the story is going where I think it’s going.)

Question: Can you give me some Grey’s Anatomy scoop about Mer/Der? I’m tired of hearing about Izzie! –Angelique
You’re in luck! I just hung up with Sharon Lawrence, who guest stars this week as Izzie’s trailer-trash mom, and she had some interesting things to say about working alongside Katherine Heigl. For starters, they didn’t get a chance to speak to each other prior to rehearsing their first scene, which called for Lawrence to practically tackle Heigl in her hospital bed. "The first thing I did was barge in and hug her," Lawrence explains with a laugh. "I could tell right away she was present and not guarded. We got to know each other as the day went on, because we would have time to talk about other things while we were waiting to work. It’s an odd thing we do for a living. Sometimes you have to get very close to somebody right away. That’s why I was so grateful for her openness and warmth, and it’s because of that that we were able to make physical and emotional choices that really conveyed the intimacy these two had. She is such an honest and open actress. There is not an untrue bone in her body as an actor, and it made my job so easy." Despite all the media attention focused on Heigl’s uncertain Grey’s future, Lawrence insists she came into the job with no preconceived notions about her TV daughter. "I would never judge the situation from the outside," she says. "I’ve been around long enough to know that the outside does not have all the facts. All I care about is that the storyline is served well."   

Question: Scoop on Gossip Girl please. –Bri
First, a correction about something I said last week. Turns out, Chuck does not try and sabotage Blair’s campaign for prom queen. It’s actually just the opposite.

Question: Any Gossip Girl season finale scoop? –Patricia
The episode revolves around the gang trying to smoke out Gossip Girl.

Question: Hey, Jerkface. The producers, show-runner, as well as some of the actors from Sarah Connor Chronicles are all going on record saying you are wrong about Fox canceling the show. Not only that, but that they are making a point of mocking you in the process. –LT
Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will … they didn’t drag the Smurfs into it, did they?

Question: I was wondering if you had a scoop on Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni’s contract with a guy named Dick? –Grace
My NBC mole says there is some back-channel negotiating going on and there’s cautious optimism that a deal will be worked out. And if not, don’t expect Benson and Stabler to get a sendoff befitting their decade-long service. The season finale makes no mention of either of them possibly moving on.

Question: When will Alpha be unmasked on Dollhouse? –Art
This Friday!

Question: Please tell me if you have some spoilers on the next season of Secret Life of the American Teenager? I can’t wait until June! –Holly
A significant male character will die early into the season. And something happens as a result of it that will probably piss off the [insert name of conservative TV watchdog group].

That’s a wrap! Questions, anonymous tips, other stuff go here: Thanks for playing!

'Ugly Betty' exclusive: Henry's back!


This could get ugly.

Christopher Gorham has closed a deal to reprise his role as Betty’s ex-love Henry, setting the stage for a geektastic showdown with her current beau, Matt (Daniel Eric Gold).

Ugly Betty creator Silvio Horta confirms to me exclusively that Gorham — who’s currently trying to stay alive on CBS’ Harper’s Island — will reappear in the show’s two-hour season finale on May 21 when Betty runs into Henry and his new girlfriend Chloe (played by Gossip Girl‘s Dreama Walker) in the Big Apple. To prove to themselves that they’ve moved on, Betty and Henry agree to go on a double date to a Mets game with their respective significant others. Good times, right? Not exactly…

“As Henry and Betty reconnect, it could potentially threaten her relationship with Matt,” teases Horta, who adds that he’s “really happy” to have Gorham back in the fold. “Chris has always been, and will always be, part of the Ugly Betty family.”

But how big a part of the family will he be? Horta isn’t saying whether Gorham will be back in the fall, which leaves me with no other choice than to pose the following question to you fine folks: Who are you rooting for: Team Matt or Team Henry? Sound off in the comments! Oh, and don’t forget: Betty returns next Thursday!

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Will ABC steal Old Christine from CBS?
House season finale shocker!
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Casting scoops: 'Ugly Betty,' 'Burn Notice,' and 'Californication'

Hasselbeckdonovanwitt_l_3What would a Monday Wednesday Thursday Tuesday be without a fresh batch of exclusive casting scoops? A pretty dull Monday Wednesday Thursday Tuesday!

•    Burn Notice has tapped Michael Weston — the real Michael Weston — to guest star opposite Jeffrey Donovan (aka the fake Michael Westen) in a season 3 episode. Weston (the real one from House and Six Feet Under) will play Spencer, an unbalanced MIT grad who turns to Westen (the fake one) when he uncovers a plot to sell the names of undercover spies. Dude thinks aliens are behind it, hence the unbalanced part.

•    One-time Law & Order: CI detective Alicia Witt will guest star as a sexy gynecologist that Hank (David Duchovny) crushes on in the upcoming third season of Californication. Additionally, In Treatment‘s Embeth Davidtz has been cast as the wife of Peter Gallagher’s dean in 10 episodes of the Showtime dramedy.

•    An Ugly Betty source confirms that polar-opposite View hostesses Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck will play themselves in the May 21 season finale. Here’s the set-up: Daniel is invited to appear as a guest to discuss the latest issue of Mode magazine… or so he thinks. The ladies quickly turn the tables and start grilling him about his dying girlfriend. BTW, if you haven’t heard, Betty‘s returning one week earlier on April 30!! Also, SNL‘s Rachel Dratch appears in this episode as a Mode staffer!! Why the hell am I screaming?!

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'House,' 'Lost', 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Housewives,' 'Scrubs,' 'Bones.' 'Supernatural,' 'Heroes,' '24,' and more!

Housegreyslost_lQuestion: Do you have any snippet to share with us about Lost‘s season finale? –Megan
We will come to learn that the dude who may or may not be playing Jacob bore witness to pivotal events in the pre-island lives of Locke, Sayid, and Sawyer. Speaking of Lost, I wanna say a few words about Evangeline Lilly’s performance in tonight’s episode: Wow. (Okay, one word.)

Question: Will we ever find out what happened to Rose and Bernard on Lost? –Lucas
I’m hearing we will.

Question: Any news on Heroes? Maybe something on the season finale? –Dennis
Sylar kills a regular Hero that’s been on the show since Season 1. And it sticks.

Question: I am a huge Bones fan. I am also a huge Buffy-Angel fan. Any chance the Bones producers would think about bringing Sarah Michelle Gellar on for a guest appearance? –Dana
I think you’re more likely to see an appearance by, oh, I dunno, Cyndi Lauper than SMG. In unrelated news, sources confirm to me exclusively that ’80s pop icon Cyndi Lauper is in talks to recur next season as a kooky psychic that Booth and Brennan bring on as a consultant.

Question: Desperately need some scoop on One Tree Hill. Are Hilarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray returning next season? –Scott
They’re negotiating new deals now. Everything you’ve been hearing, reading, and seeing about how Warner Bros. and the CW don’t want them back is bunk, so don’t fall for it. 

Question: Please can we have some scoop on USA’s In Plain Sight? Some Mary-Marshall tidbits perhaps? –Becky
Following her near-death experience, Mary is much more emotional and erratic in the second season premiere (airing April 19). As a result, she leans on Marshall more than ever. And although she’s supposed to be on administrative leave, she’s recruited to assist Marshall on a case. Of course, taking a backseat to Marshall isn’t really in Mary’s DNA…

Question: Shonda Rhimes said the 100th episode of Grey’s Anatomy takes place on Mer and Der’s wedding day, but you said they’re not getting married. What’s the deal? –Claire
Do I have to remind you of Shonda’s long and well-documented history of injecting her spoilers with tricky and misleading wordplay? Case in point, Izzie doesn’t have a brain tumor, she has a brain metastasis. Here’s the deal: Unless the script underwent an 11th hour rewrite, I stand by my earlier statement that Mer and Der do not get married on May 7. The only thing I’m unsure of is whether or not I should reveal the name of the bride and groom who are tying the knot in that episode. I’m on the fence about that one. What do you think I should do? Submit your pro/con arguments in the comments section. I’ll get one of our interns or Annie Barrett to tally up the votes at the end of the day.

Question: Are Cristina and Owen really done on Grey’s Anatomy? I actually will be in mourning if that one bites the dust. It is the first interesting plot in a while. –Elise
They’re far from over. As Kevin McKidd himself told EW’s Jennifer Armstrong, the exes will be thrown "a huge curveball that neither of them see coming. Just as he starts to get over his thing, something else happens. Which is good and bad. It’s like, ‘Oh my God, this is big.’ It will be interesting to see how it leads into next season." Any guesses as to what the curveball is? Come on, it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out. Think. It’s bad and good. You can do this! 

Question: First off, I have to say thank you. Because of all the props you’ve been giving Big Love, I watched the first two seasons on DVD and now I’m hooked! I know you reported that Ana would be back for the fourth season, but please tell me she isn’t going to marry Bill again. –Manda
I’d be shocked if they go down that road with her again. BTW, exec producer Mark V. Olsen told the L.A. Times that it’s not an absolute certainty that Ana will be back next season. "Ana is someone I think deserves to come back into the life of the family, but there’s not a guarantee that it will be in the fourth season," he said. "I talked to [Ana’s portrayer] Branka, and I said, ‘You’re definitely going to come back either this season or in a later season. We want you to come back.’ And then what happens is we don’t always have a completely planned-out season when we go into the writers’ room. If we come up with a premise that’s going to take us through this next year, and it relates somehow to Ana coming back into the family to cause trouble or to dramatize that theme, then she’ll definitely come back."

Question: Got some Scrubs scoop? Seen the finale? Does it rock? –Lucy
I have not seen it. Of course, neither has Donald Faison, so I don’t feel so bad. "I wasn’t [on set when they shot] the big reveal," he says of the episode’s major twist. "So I’m excited to see what happens, too." Wait a sec: There’s a major twist in the Scrubs finale?! Did we know this?!

Question: How about an extra juicy Desperate Housewives spoiler? –Niki
A main character will seriously consider getting a facelift. No big whoop, right? Wrong. It’s not a housewife mulling a little nip/tuck it’s a househusband

Question: I’m hearing rumors that a certain redhead on Wisteria Lane will be having an affair with someone from the past. Any hints as to who it might be? –Karin
All I’ll say is the redhead in question will start spending a lot of time with one of Susan’s exes. Hint: He’s the one you go to when you want a divorce, not when you want your toilet fixed. 

Question: I am so excited about the third season of The Tudors! Got any new scoop? –Hannah
Pay close attention to the "previously on" recap airing right before Sunday’s premiere, because methinks Showtime orchestrated an elaborate cover-up. Actually, meknows. In an effort to make us forget that the role of Jane Seymour had been recast during the hiatus (Annabelle Wallis is in, Anita Briem is out), Showtime digitally removed Briem from all the scenes featuring the future Queen and inserted Wallis instead. Translation: Either Showtime thinks we’re really stupid or Briem burned some serious bridges on her way out the door.

Question: If I offered you $500 and a trip to Smurf Village, because I can totally arrange that, can I have some Supernatural scoop? –Ashley
Does that trip to the Smurf have any blackout dates? If not, you’ve got a deal: Sam learns in the season finale that ******i** ******* is the ***** **** that has ** ** ****** ****** ******* can ***e.

Question: Your April Fools tweet about a Gilmore Girls movie being greenlit was just plain cruel. You can make it up to me by giving me some scoop on Alexis Bledel’s appearance in this week’s ER finale. –Jennifer
Okay, but you have to admit the one about Paramount producing a road-trip comedy starring Keri Russell, Lauren Graham, Kristen Bell, and Mariska Hargitay was pretty genius. Anyway, Alexis — who plays an intern in the ER finale — described the experience as "wonderful" and "emotional," adding that the ER vets "did not want to part ways… everyone was crying." Despite the positive experience, she’s still not ready to make a full-time return to TV. "There were a few [pilots] that I looked at," she says. "[But] I just wasn’t ready to sign up for six years. I have commitment anxiety at the moment. I’m sure it will wear off in the next couple of years." And because I know you’re wondering, yes, she saw LG in Guys and Dolls. "I went last weekend. She’s totally amazing. She sings beautifully, she dances… I was totally wowed."

Question: Do you have any CSI season finale scoop? –Meredith
What happens when a stash of vintage casino chips worth 1K each lands in the wrong hands? Murder happens, Meredith.

Question: There’s a rumor that Warner Bros. tore down all the Sarah Connor Chronicles sets, which typically means a cancellation announcement is coming. What are you hearing? –Val
The SCC sets have not been struck, a Warner Bros. insider maintains. They’ve simply been "shuffled around." (Hopefully not from the soundstage to the landfill).

Question: Any other clues for who will be dying in the Smallville finale? –David
The *er**n d***g ** n** C***e.

Question: What is the deal with the House promo for next week’s episode? Why is it so dramatic? What’s going to happen next week? –Samantha
Something very, very bad. And that’s not a knock against special guest star Meat Loaf. I swear!

Question: Regarding the bachelor party coming up on House, there’s a rumor out there that in order to prevent deportation, Chase gets married to Wilson. True? –Luna

Question: Have you uncovered any details about Anne Dudek’s return to House? –Patrick
I have, and this is the only one I’m prepared to divulge: House is the only one who sees her, and the vision does not take place while he’s making love to Cuddy.   

Question: Got anything on 30 Rock‘s season finale? –Martin
Picture a "We Are the World"-esque charity single. Then picture one of the celeb participants being Jenna. Now picture yourself laughing until your spleen ruptures.

Question: Yes, 24 has been rocking this season, but I’m missing Chloe! I know Mary Lynn Rajskub had to take time off from filming for her maternity leave but enough’s enough! What ep will Chloe be back? –Nicole
I’m told the Chloester reappears in mid-to-late April.

Question: Counting the days until Ugly Betty returns. Got scoop? –Suzie
Things will get serious between Hilda and her city-official beau Archie, prompting her to declare herself the Michelle Obama of Queens.

That’s a wrap! Submit questions/anonymous tips/beauty tips to, and then come back here next Thursday and we’ll do it all again! (Additional reporting by Lindsay Soll, Jeremy Medina and Jeff Labrecque)

Casting Scoops: 'Ugly Betty,' 'Big Love,' 'Nip/Tuck,' and more!

What would a Monday Wednesday Thursday be without a fresh batch of exclusive casting scoops? A pretty dull Monday Wednesday Thursday.

THE CLEANER: Whoopi Goldberg is joining the A&E drama for a multi-episode arc as Banks’ (Benjamin Bratt) former sponsor. She’ll first appear in the show’s second season premiere this summer. The eppy also features a guest turn by Gary Cole as a national news anchor who falls off the wagon after two decades of sobriety.

UGLY BETTY: Who’s the daddy? In the case of Betty’s new boyfriend, Matt, it’s acting vet David Rasche. The alum of L.A. Law, Suddenly Susan, All My Children, etc. has been tapped to play the recurring role of Matt’s Richard Branson-esque pa, Cal Hartley. Now, head over to Ask Ausiello, scroll down to the Ugly Betty question/answer near the bottom, and try and guess the identity of Betty’s surprising new boss at Mode. It’s fun game time!

BIG LOVE: As I teased in this week’s AA, Branka Katic will reprise her
role as Bill’s former fourth wife, Ana, when TV’s best drama kicks off
its fourth season early next year. “I’ll be back to cause some
trouble,” teases Katic, who concedes that Ana disappeared rather
abruptly following her quickie marriage-divorce to Bill. “I think she’s
somewhere out there licking her wounds. I think she divorced out of
pure compassion because the damage she was causing the family was
something she certainly didn’t want to happen.”

NIP/TUCK: George Newbern (Providence, Reunion) will play Dr. Curtis
Ryerson, an old pre-med buddy of Sean’s, in at least two episodes of the
FX drama’s upcoming sixth season. A prominent doc on the verge of receiving a
prestigious award, Curtis has carved out the perfect life for himself
— both personally and professionally. In other words, he’s got the
life Sean always wanted. (It’s not too late – you’ve got one season

All the cool kids are doing it. Following me on Twitter, that is.

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'House,' 'Smallville,' 'Grey's,' '24,' 'Ugly Betty,' 'Housewives,' 'Bones,' 'Big Love,' 'Lost,' 'The Office,' and more!


Question: I’m so excited about the return of Chase and Cameron on House! Do you have any insider info on what they’ll be doing? –Leigh
Do Twitter feeds qualify as insider info? ‘Cause on March 16, Omar Epps and a bunch of his House cronies were tweeting about a big bachelor party scene that was being shot that day, fueling speculation that Chase is about to march down the aisle with Cameron. Sounds plausible to me. In related news, I’m on Twitter, too! (Come on, I had to go there.)

Question: Any truth to your frenemy’s report about a big death coming up on House? –Drew
Yep, there’s a lot of truth to it.

Question: The Office? Pretty please (with cherries and anything else that you especially like on top)!? –Laura
I’m partial to rainbow sprinkles and crushed Oreos. Regarding Office scoop, we’ll soon learn that Ryan pulled a Margene during his time away. (Ask a Big Love fan; they’ll know what I’m getting at.)

Question: Do you have any more scoop about The Office? I’m starting to feel like Andy without a penny for his loafers. –Tiffany
Think Michael’s abrupt resignation last week was nothing more than a one- or two-episode sweeps stunt? Think again. Not only will his departure stick, he’ll decide to start up his own paper company  — presumably one that competes directly with Dunder Miff!

Question: Is Desperate Housewives playing another trick on us re: Edie’s death? –Sam
Nah, they really killed the ol’ broad this time. But Edie
returns in a big way in the April 19 episode via newly-created
flashbacks with each of the main housewives. It’ll be just like the
100th episode, only swap out Beau Bridges and insert Nicollette

Question: There has been a complete lack of Law & Order: Criminal Intent scoop in AA. Let’s change that, okay? –Kristi
Sure, but only because you asked so very nicely. Criminal
‘s eighth season (and second on USA) kicks off April 19 with a
Goren-Eames episode. But things get really interesting the following
week with the arrival Jeff Goldblum’s character, Zach Nichols, who’s
partnered with Wheeler (Julianne Nicholsen). Let’s just say
communication doesn’t seem to be this duo’s forte.

Question: Is Elizabeth Mitchell leaving Lost? It will break my heart if she does. –Cristiane
I address the murky Mitchell situation in this week’s EW (on
sale Friday), but this much I can tell you now: Juliet will definitely
appear on Lost next season.

Question: Any Smallville finale spoilers that don’t involve the Grim Reaper? –Graham
The fight scene between Doomsday and Clark is going to be big. One might even call it ginormous.

Question: Any clues on the Smallville vet getting killed off in the finale? –Brad
The *er**n d***g ** *** C****.

Question: Rumor has it the Veronica Mars movie is dead. What’s the deal?! –Andrew
It’s not dead. It’s not alive. It’s… I better let Rob Thomas explain: "I haven’t received an official no [from Warner Bros.]. It’s being considered, but at this point the chance of a quick green light isn’t there. It’s true I’m a bit discouraged, but I wouldn’t pronounce it dead-dead. It’s like the wheezy old man they’re trying to cart off to the graveyard in Monty Python and the Holy Grail." Keep the faith, people!

Question: I am dying for some Gossip Girl scoop regarding the season finale. –Lara
I’m hearing there will be multiple cliffhangers, one of which may include an appearance by Rufus and Lily’s presumed-dead love child.

Question: Any scoop on the Gossip Girl spin-off? Please tell me they’re not calling it Lily. That would be L-A-M-E. –Blake
They’re not calling it Lily; nor will it be Lily of the
, which was also rumored. The Valley was discussed but, alas,
that was the name of the faux soap on The O.C. That leaves… um… If you’ve got any
suggestions, post ‘em in the comments!

Question: Do you have any awesome scoop on what’s ahead on Grey’s Anatomy? –Jim
The wedding taking place in the 100th episode on May 7? It’s not Mer-Der after all! The plot thickens!

Question: Any news on whether T.R. Knight will get a story this season on Grey’s Anatomy? –Craig
Remember me telling you last month about a proposed storyline
that would find George developing an interest in Owen’s specialty as a
military/trauma doc? You know, the one ABC insisted had been scrapped
and replaced with something even better? Well, my colleague, Jennifer
Armstrong, just spoke to Kevin McKidd, and the new story sounds a lot
like the old one. "Hunt [will start to] see something in George that no
one else has," McKidd revealed. "There’s an event that happens and
[Hunt] realizes there’s a lot more to him… that he has a set of
skills that maybe he isn’t even aware of. And Hunt starts to mentor him
in a way that gets really interesting." Translation: My initial theory
about Shonda Rhimes having George join the military and go off to Iraq as a
way of accommodating Knight’s departure is so happening. Right?

Question: Will Cristina and Owen hit the sheets anytime soon on Grey’s Anatomy? –Erin
Let’s ask Kevin McKidd. "A lot happens this week," he said.
"I think they’ve drawn that one out a lot, and I know people are
getting frustrated. I think it’s good because they’ve really connected
on a mental and emotional level. And now I think it’s time they connect
physically." (Oh, they’re going to connect physically, alright.)

Question: You were right, the Big Love finale did not disappoint! HBO
has a new best show. And how good was Chloe Sevigny? If she doesn’t get
any Emmy love, there’s going to be at least one angry person out there.
Make that two. Three if you count my colleague, Nicholas
Fonseca. Four if you add my boss, Henry Goldblatt. Tim Stack brings it
to five. Tina Jordan makes it six. Missy Schwartz is seven. Jeremy
Medina is eight. Kristen Baldwin = nine. Annie Barrett’s 10. Dalton Ross,
11. Margeaux Watson, 12. Ken Tucker, 13…

Question: Is it too early to ask for Season 4 Big Love scoop? –Mari
It’s never too early. We have not seen the last of Ana (a.k.a. Wife No. 4). I’ll have more on that later in the week.

Question: Did Roman really die in the Big Love finale? –Melanie
Yes. That’s why I labeled this story "Who’s gonna die?" and not "Who might die?"

Question: How about some Ugly Betty scoop? –Kelly
First, the good news: Ugly Betty‘s final four season 3
episodes will not be burned off this summer, as some (read: me) feared.
ABC announced last week that Betty would return from its unexpected
spring hiatus on May 7. Now, the bad news: Daniel is going to have to
sell his soul to bail out Meade. And by sell I mean dress up in a bunny
costume at the behest of some rich tycoon named Hartley. Oh, how the
boring mighty have fallen.

Question: What’s the deal with your disrespect of Stargate: Universe?
MGM gives you an exclusive cast photo and you can’t even be bothered to
identify all of the cast? How unprofessional. You may not be a fan of
Stargate, but it’s been around for a long time. Give it and the fans
some respect. –James
Hey, I told you who the old middle-aged guy in the front row was. Doesn’t that count for something?

Question: Will Rhys Coiro (Sean) be back on 24? –Bob
I have a hunch Sean will likely remain lawyered up and out of
sight for the rest of the day. A really good hunch (wink, wink).

Question: What’s the word on Friday Night Lights? –Tony
The two season, 26-episode pickup will be announced any day
now. Unfortunately, it looks like Tyra will only be appearing in a
handful of those 26, as (future CSI: Miami guest star) Adrianne Palicki
is not expected back full time. Ditto Minka Kelly, who was recently
cast in the CW pilot Body Politic opposite Veronica Mars‘ Jason
Dohring. Both will likely be given multi-episode arc send-offs a la
Gaius Charles’ Smash and Scott Porter’s Jason. 

Question: There appears to be agreement amongst most Bones fans that
the ridiculously adorable Wendell must be crowned Brennan’s permanent
grad student. (I mean, come on! The guy geeks out with Brennan and the
Squint Squad and he’s Booth’s hockey buddy? How can you say no to
that?) Any idea as to when we’ll see the end of
rotating-intern-palooza? –Olivia
Maybe never. "As of now we’re going to continue to rotate
them," says exec producer Stephen Nathan. "We were looking back at all
the interns we used this season and trying to figure out who would work
out best, and we can’t make a decision. We love them all. And I think [the variety] has really helped the show a lot, because fans have their favorite, so
people tune in to find out who’s going to be on that week. Also, we’ve
been extremely lucky with the actors we’ve cast. Everybody our casting director
Rick Milligan has brought in could easily be a regular on our show, and
that’s a very rare thing to find. It seems like we have a permanent
cast of players now."

Question: Bones scoop? –Stephen
"Sweets and his girlfriend wind up in bed with Booth and
Brennan," reveals EP Stephen Nathan. Okay, he’s kidding, but an
upcoming episode will find the quartet in an awkward situation. "Booth
and Brennan think Sweets’ girlfriend is getting married to somebody
else and hasn’t told him," says Nathan. "It’s a bit of a Bridezilla
episode that takes a look inside the wedding industry."

Question: I just found this website where unemployed creepy guys can
pretend to be millionaires and scam exceedingly naive women. Can I plug
it in your column? –Pat
Will we get a link back? If so, you got a deal.

Question: Any Unit scoopage? –Dana
In the second to last eppy of the season (airing May 3),
Scott Foley’s real-life wife, Marika Dominczyk (Brothers &
), guests as a Russian snitch with intel that will help — who
else? — Foley’s Bob!
Also in this ep, we’ll discover that someone isn’t who he claims to be,
and Bob uncovers the ultimate goal of the season’s big conspiracy.

Question: I hear Life won’t renewed for next season. Say it ain’t so, Mike! –Bev O.
It ain’t so! At least not yet anyway! Life co-star Donal Logue told us
at the Monsters vs Aliens premiere that NBC probably won’t make a decision until May. And unlike you, the uncertainty isn’t keeping
him up nights. "I am in a different position on this show than on shows
I have done in the past where I was more the lead or title character,"
he says. "On other shows I have done, I would be more in Damien’s
position. He’s the one that is really feeling the concern. I feel free
and open; it has been a great experience." Logue adds that they’re
shooting the season (or series?) finale as we speak. "It is really a
super action-packed episode and it will answer a lot of questions. I
think it is a very strong script and, so far, what we have shot looks
great. Charlie confronts the deep dark parts in this episode. He is
going to confront the conspiracy against him and it gets pretty

Question: Can you please give me some good news about The Sarah Connor Chronicles. –D’rick
I’m hearing rumblings that a major male character will be
killed in the season (series?) finale. Also, one of the women in John’s
life will leave him. Another will betray him.

Question: Please give us a hint about the big death in the Lost finale. –Bill
Just this one: That’s not what people will be talking about the next morning. Trust me.

Okay, that’s a wrap! Please direct questions/comments/anonymous tips to Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by
Jeremy Medina and Carrie Bell

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'Grey's,' 'Smallville,' 'True Blood,' 'Ugly Betty,' 'Prison Break,' 'Numb3rs,' 'Heroes,' 'NCIS,' 'Housewives,' Bones,' and more!


Question: What is up with this supposed marriage that will take place at the end of the season on Grey’s Anatomy? I’m assuming that a Meredith and Derek wedding would be too rushed. –Dana
You know what they say about people who assume: They make an a out of ss and ume. I hear Der will finally propose to Mer in the March 26 episode titled "Elevator Love Letter" (gee, I wonder where he pops the question?), so, assuming she accepts, that gives the happy couple about seven weeks to pull something together. That’s more than enough time, no?

Question: Enough with the endless Twitter plugs. We get it, you’re twittering. Let’s move on. –Doug
I’m a step ahead of you, Doug. This week’s AA contains nary a single shout-out to the T-word. I’ll be the first to admit I went a little overboard last week.

Question: This is my first time asking a question, so, for the sake of a newbie’s sanity, could you please give a good Grey’s Anatomy spoiler on Cristina/Owen? –Sasha
Sorry, but the hazing section of the AA bylaws state that all virgin question-askers must be given an ugly, painful spoiler their first time out. With that in mind, remember me telling you that Owen’s PTSD would cause him to physically harm Cristina? Well, that little scratch last week wasn’t it. The violence I was referring to comes next week when Owen strangles the you-know-what out of her. Everyone join me in congratulating Sasha on getting her first AA question answered! You’re now eligible to join the AA frequent question-asker club. Click here for details on how you can earn points towards free hotel stays, a Macy’s shopping spree, complimentary upgrades on flights, and much, much more!

Question: How long will Izzie’s condition remain a secret on Grey’s Anatomy? –Tammy
Not long. Loose-lipped Cristina blabs all to Bailey and Alex right before she performs her first solo surgery. BTW, can anyone explain to me why on earth Izzie chose to confide in Cristina and not George? I mean, aside from the obvious: It would’ve required giving T.R. Knight something to do.

Question: The Burn Notice finale was incredible! Got any scoop on season 3? –Jennifer
Jennifer Esposito’s no longer playing season 3’s big bad! Click here to find out who is!

Question: Dude! What’s going on?! Where’s all the True Blood scoop!? –Ryan
Chill, bro, I’ve got just the tease for ya — and so does the show. Alan Ball and Co. are currently talking to "name" actresses to appear in just one episode this season (and more in future ones). The character? No less than Sophie-Anne, the 500-year-old queen of the Louisiana vampires. My mole tells me that Her Highness is as bright and witty as she is powerful and dangerous. (Isn’t that always the way?) Michelle Pfeiffer, call your agent — yesterday!

Question: Smallville scoop, please! –Jason
John Schneider, Annette O’Toole, and John Glover are back! Sort of! The Smallville vets will appear via flashback in the April 2 episode, which delves into Davis’ backstory. Is it old footage? New footage? CGI? No comment, no comment, and no comment! Oh, speaking of Smallville, click here to see Erica Durance in action as Stiletto!

Question: Please give me some information on My Boys. I’m going through withdrawal here. –Krysten
The season 3 premiere on March 31 resolves the whole Bobby-PJ-Jack love triangle (hint: farewell, Jack!). Meanwhile, Stephanie and Kenny keep their tryst under wraps. For now.

Question: Please tell me the rumors aren’t true about Lynette and Carlos having an affair on Desperate Housewives. –Barrie
First I’m hearing of that rumor. I mean, she will end up working for him. And he will accidentally see her naked. And he will kind of like what he sees. And she will be flattered by the attention. But an affair? Again, first I’m hearing of it.

Question: Is Ugly Betty killing off Ashley Jensen? –Henry
Nah. My Ugly mole assures me that a much happier ending awaits Cristina. One that involves a kidnapping, a medical test, and a reunion with the two men in her life.

Question: Do you have anything on Prison Break‘s last episode? –Abby
Justice will be served to both Pad Man and Christina, although one will involve far more blood than the other. Also, I have some more information on the finale’s Alias-esque epilogue: The closing minutes of the swan song will flash forward four years to show where all the main characters ended up. For more on PB‘s big climax, pick up the new issue of EW (on sale Friday) and turn to page 56.

Question: Please help out a Numb3rs fan out with some good scoop! –Hope
The show’s 100th episode on May 1 will be stockpiled with Easter eggs that only longtime fans will be able to spot. Or AA readers, since I’m about to slip you three insanely Googlable clues: Rooker, Merrick, and Rossmo.

Question: I just noticed that Numb3rs seems to have dropped Sophina Brown’s name from the opening credits. Any saucy scoop? –Bernd
Sophina remains a series regular. It’s possible her name was dropped from the credits because she wasn’t in that particular episode; not all Numb3rs regulars are contracted for every episode.

Question: I am hooked on Big Love. I’m begging for scoop on Sunday’s season finale! –Heather
Bill Paxton dropped by earlier this week to shoot a guest appearance on Ausiello TV (look for that video tomorrow), and he revealed that, unlike last season’s capper, this one ends with a cliffhanger. And here’s a little season 4 scoop: Damages‘ Zeljko Ivanek, who debuted two weeks ago as a creep who may or may not have fathered a child with Nikki way back when, will be back next season in a major way.

Question: I heard through the grapevine that you’ve seen the series finale of Battlestar Galactica. What the frak are you waiting for? Spill it! –Jacob
Unfortunately, the producers made me sign some lame no-spoiler agreement prior to the screening. Fortunately, the name I signed was Vanity Smurf! I’m a genius! Turns out Ellen isn’t the fifth cylon — Adama’s dead son is! OMGWTF, right? And that’s not even the biggest twist, this is: I’m kidding! (Or am I… )

Question: Got any good scoop for the Battlestar finale? –Andrew
This much I’ll say: If you’re a fan of BSG‘s third and current fourth seasons, then you’ll probably love Friday’s two-hour send-off.

Question: Brothers & Sisters scoop, please? –Harrison
There’s a surprise engagement in the finale (Rebecca and Ryan, perhaps?).

Question: I thought you were just kidding about Tommy fleeing to Mexico on Brothers & Sisters! –Jenny
That raises the inevitable follow-up Q: Was I also joking about him joining a cult? Hmm…

Question: Can you please tell me that Fringe has a chance — a good chance — of being renewed for a second season? –Daniel
Fringe has a very good chance of being renewed for a second season. And if it’s not, the actor they end up casting in the role of "Dr. Smith" is going to be royally pissed off, since he’s appearing in just one scene in May ahead of what promises to be a major recurring arc next season. Who’s Dr. Smith, you ask? A 55-65-year-old scientist and contemporary of Walter Bishop. Cue the inevitable "Is he Olivia’s stepdad?" speculation.

Question: I need some Heroes scoop, my dear! –Heather
The working title for next fall’s fifth volume is "Redemption." That’s according to James Kyson Lee (Ando), who told us that production on season 3 wrapped last Friday and the cast is now in the midst of a three-month hiatus. He also called this Monday’s Bryan Fuller-penned episode a "monster" hour of TV. "Ando learns a new trick with his mojo," Lee revealed. "He will not just be a supercharger anymore. He will be something more from that point on. He is becoming a legitimate superhero this season. which is really fun for me to go from powerless sidekick to hero."

Question: Kill the Cheerleader, Save the Show. Please tell me Claire is one of the two for real deaths on Heroes. Her character is annoying. –Bishop
She is not. Claire will be back next season, although for a few hours late Tuesday things were looking iffy. There was a rumor going around that Ms. Hayden was taking meetings with top TV execs at the major studios. The rumor ended up being true, but it wasn’t acting work she was looking for, it was producing work: She’s pitching a new show and she’s searching for a buyer.

Question: Any chance there’s a sliver of truth to the rumor that Gale Harold is joining Supernatural next season? –Brianne
Nope, not even a sliver.

Question: Anything you can tell us about the two-part NCIS episode that sets up next season’s spin-off? –Linda
The eps air on April 28 and May 5, and, according to exec producer Shane Brennan, Gibbs and Co. "travel to Los Angeles and work with the new NCIS team to solve what begins as a murder investigation and turns into something bigger."

Question: Are there any cast changes in store on NCIS? –Kate
Yes, but they’re additions, not subtractions. The show is introducing two new recurring characters later this season: Thirtysomething ICE agent named Julia Yates and mid-50s FBI director Barry Hutchinson.

Question: Any scoop on 30 Rock for us? –Matt
"We’re ending the season with some big family revelations about Jack," reveals exec producer Robert Carlock, "that will allow him to ask questions about himself and where he comes from." I’m guessing Jack’s mom will be dropping at least one of the bombshells since Elaine Stritch is slated to return in this season’s homestretch. 

Question: First you did it with Emily VanCamp, then with Brittany Snow, now I am begging you to please work your magic on Heather Locklear. I’d love to see her on Desperate Housewives as the new troublemaker. –David
I’m pretty sure I’d be wasting my time. Housewives, like every other hour-long series on the air, is being asked to trim costs (see: Nicolette Sheridan’s exit). And Heather Locklear’s special brand of bad girl does not come cheap. Having said that, I’m sure ABC could find enough cash to bring her on for an arc during sweeps. Or at the very least a one-off guest stint. Okay, you convinced me. I’ll make some calls. (BTW, in case you haven’t heard, Locklear has officially said no to Melrose 2.0.)

Question: What’s the latest on Zack returning to Bones? –Will
The latest is he’s probably definitely most likely going to be in the finale on May 14. And he won’t be the only Bones alum appearing in the ep. "The finale is pretty much going to have everyone who has ever been on the show," reveals exec producer Stephen Nathan, who says Patricia Belcher (Caroline) and Ryan O’Neal (Max) are among the MVPs slated to join Eric Millegan (Zack). "It’s going to be an interesting last episode of the season. Very different for us, but it should make sense in the context of the season."

Okay, that’s a wrap! Send questions/anonymous scoops/early Easter greetings to And you can also follow me and my scoops at, uh, er, um… nevermind! (Additional reporting by Andy Patrick, Jennifer Armstrong, Lynette Rice, Carrie Bell, and Aly Semigran)

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