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Fall TV poll: Which new show looks best?

Sound off, EW readers! You’ve seen the 2013 fall TV schedule. You’ve seen the new show trailers (or “cut downs,” in industry-speak) for NBC here, Fox here, ABC here, and The CW here. Unlike the other broadcasters, the CBS previews are behind-the-scenes clips for their first round of fall video instead of regular trailers (so CBS shows may have a disadvantage in the poll).

So let us know which fall shows you’re most excited about. New shows scheduled for midseason are not included. You can choose up to THREE titles as your favorites. And after you vote, check out some of our choices in the Upfronts Best & Worst post: READ FULL STORY

The CW's Fall Schedule: A Snap Judgment


You know the space at your local Barnes and Noble where the graphic-novel section bleeds into the young-adult section? This is the place where The CW lives. I like to imagine that the network has installed surveillance cameras in the spines of all those unsellable copies of Chris Ware’s Building Stories so its execs can spy on their target audience, see what their buying, and develop accordingly. The geeky, young, female-skewing weblet announced today that it will add three new dramas and reorganize its schedule to use existing successful franchises like Arrow and Supernatural to build hits and stronger nights.

The CW knows its brand and knows its audience and is committed to giving them more of what they like. Hence, despite lots of attitude, fresh faces, and cosmetic weirdness, The CW’s picks feel as risk-averse and unsurprising as those of its half-sibling, CBS. While the new shows technically belong to different genres, there is such a sameness to all of them. It’s like every show on The CW is actually a different subplot of the same swoony-romantic dark-fantasy soap opera that’s on every night, every hour — a sigh-fi Cloud Atlas. Which sounds kinda cool, actually.


A spin-off of The Vampire Diaries, The Originals follows bloodsucker/werewolf hybrid Klaus (Joseph Morgan) as he moves from Mystic Falls to New Orleans, where underworld power games — and a not-yet born child, conceived with Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) — await. Joining him are siblings Elijah (Claire Gillies) and Rebekah (Claire Holt). For the record, I have never seen an episode of True Blood Lite The Vampire Diaries. I am open to considering the possibility that I’ve been missing out on something decent: Morgan’s Klaus seems pretty damn compelling in this clip.


From Greg Berlanti, who developed Arrow for the network, comes another superheroish epic starring an Amell (Robbie, cousin to Stephen), this one loosely based on a cult-classic British show from the 1970s. (Dig the trippy credits sequence.) The more likely comparison for The CW’s target audience will be to X-Men, Heroes, I Am Number Four, etc.: Kids everywhere start developing extraordinary abilities; various secret agencies, sinister or otherwise, take an obsessive interest in them. I am hoping the show can be as cool as its title and offbeat/imaginative as the original from whence it derived, and not just Generic Show About Super-Powered PYTs. The clip suggests a healthy special-effects budget and that Mark Pellegrino will be a compelling bad guy. I’m not sure it suggests much more than that.


Talented up-and-comer Adelaide Kane plays Mary, Queen of Scots in The CW’s most unusual new offering, an attempt at historical fiction. Call it: Tiny Tudors. The clip kinda lays there until the dude with the beard gets all spooky-intense. Meh.

THE 100 (midseason)

Newsflash! In the near future, we’re going to raze civilization with nuclear weapons, and about 100 years after that, the surviving members of humanity — living on space stations parked in deep space — will send about 100 juvenile delinquents, young adults and assorted others back to Earth to see it can be recolonized. The clip tries to capture your imagination with that moment in which the kids land, open the doors, and behold a planet that has been reclaimed by nature. But can they trust what looks like paradise? Dunno. Just like I don’t know if I can trust this new gloss on the post-apocalyptic genre to be any good.

STAR-CROSSED (midseason)

An alien race known as the Atrians comes to Earth and spends the next decade interned in a camp. A smalltown high school becomes ground zero for a fraught attempt to integrate the ETs into human society. All of them are extremely attractive young people with interesting looking tattoos on their faces. Naturally, they are irrationally, ridiculously hated. But a Romeo and Juliet-style romance between an Atrian named Roman (Matt Lanter) and a human named Emery (Aimee Teegarden) blooms. Blah blah highly metaphorical cornball blah blah blah. Watch it work. Only on Sigh-Fi!

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CBS fall schedule: Snap Judgment
CW’s ‘Wonder Woman’ prequel lives

CW trailers: See 'em here

The CW revealed its fall schedule today, which includes a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries and and a sexy historical soap called Reign. READ FULL STORY

CW's 'Wonder Woman' prequel lives

The famous amazon may still fly on network TV.

CW Topper Mark Pedowitz told reporters after the network’s upfront presentation today that the Wonder Woman prequel dubbed Amazon remains in development, even though it didn’t make the cut for fall. “Oh God yes,” Pedowitz replied, when asked whether the project was still alive. “It’s being redeveloped. We don’t want to produce something” that doesn’t do the franchise justice.

“It’s the trickiest of all the DC characters,” he added.

David E. Kelley and NBC, which tried to reboot the classic ’70s series for the 2011-12 season, would no doubt second that. READ FULL STORY

'Nikita' season 4 confirmed to be last


The CW confirmed what fans already pretty much already figured out: That the fourth season will be the last for Nikita.

The first clue was that the network only ordered six episodes. The second was a tweet by showrunner Craig Silverstein last week promising an “incredible finish.” The third was, frankly, that Nikita‘s ratings were so low it was tough to imagine an open-ended scenario.

Now today with it’s fall schedule announcement, The CW announced Nikita “wraps up her mission” next season. Credit The CW for continuing to give it’s longer-running titles a chance to have a satisfying ending. Still, fans will have to wait awhile to see how it all ends — Nikita won’t return until sometime in midseason.

Watch previews for new CBS series starring Robin Williams, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Anna Faris, more

CBS released their new fall schedule earlier today and now the network’s slate of new shows have trailers.

Check them out  below.  READ FULL STORY

ABC's Fall Schedule Announcement: A snap judgment

Maybe Olivia Pope needs to do some damage control for ABC, which brought back only two of the 10 shows it premiered last season. At the network’s upfront presentation on Tuesday, Kerry Washington appeared in a pre-taped clip as her character from Scandal, and offered advice to Anne Sweeney, the president of Disney/ABC Television Group, alongside Jimmy Kimmel. Discussing the problem of Dancing With the Stars, which took a ratings dip this season, Kimmel quipped, “For one thing, they’re not really stars.” There aren’t a ton of stars in ABC’s new lineup, either — but there are a whole lot of new shows. So if you can’t find something to watch between the comic-book blockbuster Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the soapy infidelity thriller Betrayal, and almost a dozen other projects, don’t go crying to Olivia. She’s already preparing to slam down the phone and tell you, “It’s handled!”

Genius biochemists, martial arts experts, and regular mortal nerds, prepare to program your DVRs, because the geek pedigree here is so strong, you’d need extra-thick coke-bottle glasses to read it. Executive producer Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Marvel’s The Avengers) has tapped Clark Gregg to reprise his feature film role as Agent Phil Coulson, the leader of an exclusive team of scary men in dark suits known as S.H.I.E.L.D. who investigate unexplained mysteries around the world. Other things to look forward to? Agent Melinda May (Ming-Na Wen) dislocating some kneecaps. Agent Leo Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) flying adorable little sci-fi miniplanes. Agent Jemma Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) constantly marveling at some scientific creation or another. (“It’s not of this Earth!”) Agent Grant Ward (Brett Dalton) perfecting his “I’m a very handsome man, and I don’t have time for this nonsense” smirk. And you, super-excited Marvel fan, losing your mind just a little.


First look: Josh Holloway in new CBS drama

He’s a cop with a computer chip in his brain that helps him solve crimes.

We’d be skeptical, but CBS’ new crime drama Intelligence stars Lost favorite Josh Holloway, which gives us faith this premise could really work. The concept is also, in the era of Google Glass, not too much of a stretch (especially compared to crime drama ideas like, for instance, a mysterious machine that predicts crimes by spitting out Social Security numbers). Earlier today, CBS announced that we’ll have to wait until midseason for Intelligence will air on Mondays at 10 p.m. (full schedule here). READ FULL STORY

TNT, TBS to stream content live

Viewers can soon access TBS and TNT via their phones and tablet computers. The Turner networks announced today they they will become the first entertainment network to stream on-air content live, around the clock, across many platforms.

“Starting this summer, subscribers will be able to watch TBS and TNT live – anytime, anywhere, on multiple devices,” Steve Koonin, president of Turner Entertainment Networks, in a statement. “Tablets and smartphones become television sets, bringing new opportunities for us and for advertisers.”

TNT and TBS will begin to live stream this summer just as their summer lineups begin in earnest with Rizzoli & Isles, Falling Skies, Major Crimes, Perception, Franklin & Bash, and Sullivan & Son.

CBS fall schedule revealed: 2 hours of Thursday comedies

CBS just announced its fall schedule, which includes two hours of Thursday comedies (which includes the new Robin Williams comedy The Crazy Ones), a new night for Hawaii 5-0, and back-to-back new dramas on Mondays at 10 to avoid airing repeats throughout the season.


ABC's new fall shows get trailers: Watch them here

The trailers for ABC’s new shows have arrived!

To see them all, scroll down. And to see ABC’s new fall schedule, click here. READ FULL STORY

'S.H.I.E.L.D.' nearly 3-minute trailer is here

The Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. official FULL trailer is up. Here’s 2:44 of the most anticipated new drama of the fall. As announced earlier today, S.H.I.E.L.D. will air on Tuesday nights this fall (here’s ABC’s schedule). READ FULL STORY

Why ABC axed 'Happy Endings'



ABC’s entertainment chief Paul Lee was asked the Why? question during a conference call with reporters Tuesday morning: Why did the network dump Happy Endings? One reporter challenged the idea that the comedy wasn’t “on brand” for ABC, noting that two of the network’s newly greenlit comedies for next season, Super Fun Night and Mixology, feel like they’d be perfect companions for Happy Endings.

“I do think Happy Endings is absolutely on brand,” Lee said after the network unveiled its new fall schedule Tuesday. “What we found was it was just too narrow. It was a very hard decisions  because, as you know, I love that show and I found it very hard to make that decision. On the same token, I think Super Fun Night and Mixology are broader shows that will bring in a wider audience. So: Hard decision, not happy at all to see it go, but we feel it was on brand and so is [Super Fun Night] and Mixology.” READ FULL STORY


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