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'Survivor' and 'Big Brother' stars compete at Risk for new 'Reality Gamemasters' web series -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

It’s the age-old reality TV debate: Where can the best TV game strategists be found — on Survivor or Big Brother? Well, that question may finally be answered on the new Reality Gamemasters web series. Debuting June 4 on, Reality Gamemasters (which was funded through Kickstarter) pits three Survivor finalists (winners John Cochran from Caramoan and Sophie Clarke from South Pacific, as well as Tocantins runner-up Stephen Fishbach) against three Big Brother schemers (last season’s winner Ian Terry as well as former “America’s Player” Eric Stein and “Brigade” member Matt Hoffman). But the battlefield this time is not an island or camera heavy house and hot tub, but rather the ultimate strategy board game — Risk. READ FULL STORY

'The Mindy Project': Morgan's got game, sort of, in new webisodes -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Even though the show’s called The Mindy Project, audiences and critics agree that its breakout character is Morgan Tookers (Ike Barinholtz): a goofy nurse who just happens to be an ex-con. So it’s no surprise that Morgan stars in a set of new Mindy Project webisodes — called, appropriately enough, “The Morgan Project.”

According to Barinholtz himself, though, Morgan’s popularity wasn’t the only factor in getting these online-only clips made. “I gave the writer’s assistants gift certificates to Tony Roma’s, and they were kind enough to make Morgan the focus of the webisodes (a small episode of television that airs on the world wide web),” he tells EW. “They focus on Morgan’s ‘game,’ which is poor to very poor.”

Case in point: In this first clip, Mindy (Mindy Kaling) finds herself roped into evaluating Morgan’s kissing skills when he asks her for dating advice. “To loosen up the mood before the kiss we made the entire crew kiss,” Barinholtz says. “We’re looking at a pretty big lawsuit.”


Pulled 'Hannibal' episode to get release as a web series

NBC pulled this week’s episode of Hannibal due to its particularly grisly subject matter, but the episode has managed to survive the chopping block, in a way. It has been repackaged for web series presentation on

Called “Ceuf,” the episode, which would have been the series’ fourth, was pulled when executive producer Bryan Fuller contacted the network in early April with concerns about the children killing children storyline in the episode, which was filmed before last December’s tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The web series will feature “Ceuf” in its entirety with the exception of some sensitive images, NBC tells EW. READ FULL STORY

MTV welcomes us back to Palos Hills with new 'Awkward' webisodes -- VIDEO

Bonjour and welcome to the first webisode of the third season of Awkward. The show’s season premiere is still days away (April 16), but MTV is down with the many youths, and EW staffers, who love the show, and is releasing a series of short clips to hype the new episodes.

In the first, we learn that school counselor Val is back from a “whirlwind tour of Europe” (she brought back a straw hat!) and is excited to give a group of incoming freshman the same treatment. Except this tour mostly just involves Val caring, like, a lot about the social lives of her students. Remember that lunch table where Jenna, Ming, and Tamara all sit?

Fun fact: There’s a lot of cringing. Are stripes-vest combos in? Follow (period) me (period).



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