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Matt Bomer to guest on 'The New Normal'

Matt Bomer has just collared another Ryan Murphy gig: a guest spot on freshman NBC comedy The New Normal. The White Collar star — who appeared on Murphy’s Glee last season — will play “the sexy ex-boyfriend” of Bryan (Andrew Rannells), series creator Murphy announced on his Twitter feed today. READ FULL STORY

'Covert Affairs,' 'White Collar,' 'Royal Pains' renewed

USA has announced renewals for three of the shows that helped keep it the No. 1 cable network across key demos for a seventh consecutive summer. The network has ordered a 16-episode fourth season of Covert Affairs, a 16-episode fifth season of White Collar, and 26 additional episodes of Royal Pains to be spread across seasons 5 and 6.

Covert Affairs resumes its current season on Oct. 16, while White Collar returns with new episodes in January. A two-hour Royal Pains movie, Off-Season Greetings, will premiere Dec. 16 on USA.

A note for Suits fans, we wouldn’t worry. Talking to EW before the summer finale in August, creator Aaron Korsh was confident the show would get renewed — eventually. “USA is obviously tremendously supportive of all of their shows. It’s not been a worry or concern of mine that we will get a season 3 pick up,” he said. “They have to go through their process, and I’m sure they will. I’m sure we’ll get a pick up.” Suits returns in January.

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'Pretty Little Liars,' 'Castle,' 'Fringe,' 'Glee,' 'Bones': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

True story: The other day, I spent three hours planning my TV schedule for fall. Yes, three hours. And yes, I took into account the fact that I have two DVRs. (Work and home!)

Like any good athlete, I’ve prepared and am ready for battle. THIS IS OUR TIME, fellow couch potatoes. Join me!

And now that we’re all motivated, I invite you to channel that excitement into some questions! Send all burning questions to And if you’ve already submitted one, maybe it made this week’s Spoiler Room column… READ FULL STORY

'Grimm,' 'White Collar,' 'Person of Interest,' 'Supernatural,' 'Grey's Anatomy': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

True story: I’m so excited for fall TV that I’ve been having dreams about watching season premieres. Seriously. My entire dream is me sitting on the couch, watching TV. Part of me thinks that maybe I’m clairvoyant and all the secrets of the fall season are playing out on Dream Sandra’s TV. The more likely possibility is that I need a real life. (My birthday was last week, and I’m now starting to think I wasted that wish. Damn.)

Regardless, as TV continues to invade my dreams, I encourage you to engage with it in reality by sending me your questions! Email or ask via Twitter @EWSandraG. Belated birthday wishes also accepted. (Just don’t ask for age specifics. I’ll never tell.)


'NCIS,' '90210,' 'Bones,' 'Grimm,' 'Nikita': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Fall TV is coming! Fall TV is coming!

Sound the alarms. Set the DVRs. Alert your friends of impending hermit-dom. And send your spoiler q’s to Sandra: Or Tweet her @EWSandraG


The NCIS team has been through a lot of tough times together — but could the aftermath of last year’s finale explosion include some deep emotional and psychological consequences? That’s what one guest star will be tasked with finding out in the second episode of the upcoming tenth season. “A head-shrinker is coming to assess the mental status of our people,” star Michael Weatherly reveals. “And I don’t think anyone on this team should ever get looked at too closely by a psychiatrist.” READ FULL STORY

'Breaking Bad,' 'Bones,' 'Grimm,' 'Teen Wolf,' 'Supernatural': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

What a crazy few weeks it’s been! Pre-Emmy speculation! Comic-Con! Emmy noms! And now the Television Critics Association Press Tour is upon us! That’s where I’m headed this weekend, in fact. There, I will run into all your favorite stars and the ones you don’t know you like yet (aka: people from new shows!) So make sure you stay in touch via Twitter (@EWSandraG). And I don’t mean “stay in touch” in the way people say it insincerely in yearbooks. I mean it for real. Tweet me! And I’ll be tweeting what I see, hear, and pictures I take while being impatient.

Also, send me your burning spoiler questions to Summer fun is over, TV watchers. WE’RE GOING BACK TO WORK!

The end of last week’s premiere of Breaking Bad, Skyler found herself on the receiving end of Walt’s “forgiveness.” But the fear we saw in her eyes as he approached her was anything but fleeting, according to EMMY NOMINEE Anna Gunn. “She’s really scared of him right now,” she says. “She’s living with somebody now who terrifies her, and she can not predict what he’s going to do. And she’s truly so in terror for her children.”

Backed into a corner, Gunn teases that Skylar will begin to crack. “That’s what this season is about for her. She’s no longer able to pretend that she can control it. She knows now that it’s out of her control and it’s just her desperate. Every minute is a desperate thought. What do I do for my children and how do I protect them?” READ FULL STORY

'White Collar' cast spills season secrets from set in Puerto Rico -- VIDEO


Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) might be on the run — but that’s no reason for him to give up his life of luxury.

When viewers catch up with Neal and Mozzi (Willie Garson) at the beginning of White Collar‘s fourth season, which kicks off tonight on USA, the pair is living in high style in a small island community. But before too long, Mekhi Phiffer’s tough-as-nails agent Kyle Collins is hot on their trail. That’s when the fun begins.

Below, in a series of interviews conducted while on location in Puerto Rico in March, Tim DeKay previews the power struggle between Peter and Collins. Meanwhile, Bomer (who rocks the island-style!) talks a bit about Neal’s new life and his tough choices. And Garson explains while island life isn’t as awesome as it’s cracked up to be.


'Damages,' 'True Blood,' 'Leverage,' 'Breaking Bad': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

It’s that time of the week again!

I’d romance you into your scoop for the week, but it’s too hot outside. No time for foreplay. Instead, read this and then go get yourself to a pool, stat! And send me a question if you’re so inclined: or @EWSandraG on Twitter.


We’re just a stone’s throw away from the premiere of a brand-spankin’ new season of Damages. [Bells, whistles, excitement] And what better way to celebrate the upcoming July 11 premiere than with fresh scoop from last night’s premiere party. Here are three teases for the fifth and final season: READ FULL STORY

'Dallas,' 'White Collar,' 'The Middle,' 'Grey's Anatomy': Find out what's next in Spoiler Room

I’m baaaaaack!

Yes, my two-week vacation to the motherland (Texas) was just the refresher I was hoping for before getting into the thick of all the exciting things happening here at EW this summer — like set visits, Comic-Con, general tomfoolery. My highlights? Reigning supreme in my very first Penny Can tournament, cuddling puppies, and getting my mother addicted to The Vampire Diaries. (“Awww! He met her first!” — mom, re: the finale). But now it’s back to work! So enjoy the return of Spoiler Room.

And in case you’ve forgotten: Submit your TV queries to or via Twitter (@EWSandraG). READ FULL STORY

'White Collar' season 4 ad: Matt Bomer ready to strip -- PHOTO

Want to see the official new art for USA’s fourth season of White Collar? You’re not going to believe this, but it shows Matt Bomer looking very handsome.

Only this time, instead of tightening his tie or checking his cuff links like USA’s ads for previous seasons, Bomer looks like he’s ready to strip — moving to loosen the tie and unbutton the jacket while straddling New York City, as if auditioning for the lead of Fifty Shades of Grey (okay, so Bomer’s tie is blue, use your imagination). The tagline: “Sometimes It’s Good to Be a Little Bad.”

Season four has Peter (Tim DeKay) trying to locate Neal (Bomer) while a new ruthless agent (guest star Mehki Phifer) is also eager to track him down. Guest star Judith Ivey as Ellen Parker will make a return appearance, helping with clues to Neal’s past. Here’s the exclusive new key art for White Collar, which returns July 10 at 9 p.m.: READ FULL STORY

'White Collar' Season 4 promos: Neal and Mozzie in paradise -- VIDEO

Dashboard hula doll Lolana has fulfilled her foreshadowing duties. White Collar’s Neal and Mozzie are in a tropical paradise and in a new promo for the upcoming fourth season of the USA series, Matt Bomer’s Neal Caffrey has traded his suave suits and ties for swim shorts, khakis, and a little scruff.

The video also gives us a glance at Mekhi Phifer as new character FBI agent Kyle Collins, who is tasked with tracking down our favorite conman-turned-FBI-consultant-turned-man-on-the-run (again). READ FULL STORY

'Everwood' star joins 'White Collar' as [possible spoiler] -- EXCLUSIVE

Dr. Brown is checking into White Collar!

Treat Williams (Everwood, Heartland) is set to join the upcoming fourth season of the USA hit on a recurring basis, playing Sam, a gruff and elusive undercover officer from D.C. who has some “deeply rooted ties to Neal’s past.” (Speculation: Could he be Neal’s dad?! Discuss.)


'Glee' scoop: Watch Darren Criss and Matt Bomer cover Gotye's 'Somebody That I Used to Know' -- VIDEO

Adam Rose/Fox

Glee‘s next episode isn’t until April 10, but the fine folks over at Fox have released a behind-the-scenes clip called “Big Brother,” which introduces us to Blaine’s big bro, Cooper Anderson (White Collar‘s Matt Bomer). The pair aren’t exactly besties, which leads to an emotional performance of Gotye’s song “Somebody That I Used to Know.”

Watch the footage below to see a snippet of the pair tackling the current hit… READ FULL STORY


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